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Bachelor Peter Weber Opens Up in Revealing Q&A, Says He Believed in Santa Till He Was 13 -BB

Peter Weber opened up in a revealing interview about a few things fans might not know about him outside of The Bachelor. While present-day Weber appears on our TV screens every Monday night as the swoon-worthy Bachelor, this young man wasn’t always so suave. In fact, he may have been a little more nerdy than any of us imagined.

Weber first appeared on America’s radar during Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Known as the sweet, puppy dog-like pilot, Weber doted on Brown, even asking her to be his girlfriend, despite the fact that she was still dating a plethora of other men. While their relationship progressed forward steadily, Brown decided after their whirlwind fantasy suite date that Weber wasn’t the man for her. She sent him home third, placing him in the perfect spot to step into the role of the next Bachelor. His season started a little over a week ago, and the traditional press tour that marks the beginning of every Bachelor’s journey revealed quite a few interesting tidbits about the real Peter Weber.

In an interview with Us WeeklyWeber revealed 25 things fans probably didn’t know about him. One revelation that stuck out, however, was the fact that he believed in Santa until he was 13 years old. That’s quite the commitment to an imaginary figure. While his continued belief in Santa sets the stage for a rather nerdy kid, the confessions don’t stop there. Apparently, Weber also wanted braces when he was growing up so he could get the colors of the Seattle Seahawks. In addition to not getting his braces, Weber also didn’t get his first girlfriend until his senior year of high school. To round out this new, less-cool side of Peter, the Bachelor also admitted that his favorite hobby (besides flying planes, of course) is magic.

Despite his somewhat-geeky side, Weber is still a cool kid at heart. He revealed that both he and his brother got a tattoo of the number 12 after the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014. In addition, he was the youngest person to receive a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do in the state of Virginia, where he was born. He started his career as an airline pilot at only 25 years old, and he was a Junior Olympic swimmer specializing in breaststroke. Despite knowing all the Backstreet Boys songs when he was a kid and collecting Pokémon cards, Weber is also a horror-film fanatic who speaks Spanish and loves his dog.

Although he transformed into a household name through his time of reality TV, Weber is still just a normal person. He has some nerdy interests, he has some cool interests, and he was some dark days he’d rather forget about. But don’t we all? If you say you wouldn’t want to wipe out your entire middle school experience, you’re lying. The revealing interview allows fans to look at Peter through a different lens, giving us a refreshing look at who Weber really is outside of his time as the Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8pm EST on ABC.

Source: Us Weekly

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