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Broccoli and Tokyo Ghoul Author’s Collaboration Game JACK JEANNE to be Available on August 5, 2020



The official website for Broccoli and internationally acclaimed manga artist Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul:re)’s all-new collaboration project „JACK JEANNE“ announced today that its boys musical simulation game for Nintendo Switch platform is set to be released on August 5, 2020.


It is also confirmed that the protagonist Kisa Tachibana is voiced by Yuka Terasaki ( Hephaestus in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?). You can check out her voice in the clip below.





In addition to character designs, Ishida works on worldview settings, stage settings, character and event CGs, as well as the lyrics for the songs in the game. He also collaborates with Shin Towada (Tokyo Ghoul novelizations) for the game’s scenarios. The cover illustration for the standard edition of the game drawn by Ishida is revealed today.





The game’s story is set in an all-male theater compay Tamasaka-za, and its school Univers Revue Academy. The protagonist girl Kisa Tachibana has given up her dream to become an actress, but after a certain incident, she is allowed to become a student of the school with two conditions: She will have to get the leading role of the final show in the end of her first year, and she will have to hide her identity as a female there.



2nd teaser PV:



Source: Broccoli press release, „JACK JEANNE“ official website / Twitter 

Copyright © Sui Ishida/BROCCOLI All Rights Reserved.



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