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“Leiji Matsumoto’s Cat Has a Twitter Now”


For decades, Leiji Matsumoto has brought us stunning anime and manga like Captain Harlock. Galaxy Express 999, and Space Battleship Yamato. His latest big move may not be an epic manga, but it’s something we’re loving: his cat now has his own Twitter.


The cat, Mii-kun, can be found on @leijisha, a Twitter account sharing the name of Matsumoto’s company. The first tweet features a photo of the artist and the cat, and states that Mii-kun will be tweeting about what his papa (Matsumoto) and mama (Maki Miyako, manga artist and creator of fashion doll Licca-chan) are up to.

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According to the Twitter bio, the account will include daily life updates as well—hopefully we can look forward to some cute cat photos alongside these two manga greats!


>> @leijisha on Twitter

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