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“Marukome Gets Sentimental with Animated Miso Ad”

With the aid of a wheelchair, husband and wife couple Michio and Yoko enjoy a stroll along the outskirts of town in a scene from Marukome's 8th animated TV CM.


Miso makers Marukome Co.,Ltd. are once again tugging at the heart-strings of the Japanese TV-viewing public with the 8th animated entry in the “Ryotei no Aji Ekimiso” series, a sequence of animated TV commercials spear-headed by Robot Communications Inc. that depict the influence of miso products on daily life in Japan.



The latest entry, entitled “Itsumademo Issho ni Hen” (“Together Forever Story”), depicts the everyday circumstances of Michio (CV: Shuichi Mine) and Yoko (CV: Yorie Terauchi), an elderly couple who live on a hill in a town overlooking the sea. Although she loves to cook, recently Yoko has been suffering from a debilitating illness, and she’s worried that she may have to enter a retirement home so as not to be burden to her husband. Michio responds by assuming responsibility for the shopping and cooking chores, tasks for which he relatively inexperienced. Ultimately, they decide to remain together forever, with Michio newly in charge of preparing their meals.

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Michio and Yoko, an elderly couple, share a meal in a scene from the 8th "Ryotei no Aji Ekimiso" animated TV CM.


I’m not crying, your crying!




Official Marukome home page


Hime poses for a Crunchyroll ad banner.


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