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Fragtime Anime OVA to Release 3 Books on Production to Raise Money for Animators Who Went Unpaid

The anime studio behind the Fragtime anime OVA, which is currently showing in cinemas around Japan, went bankrupt late November before the November payments went through, leaving animators who worked on the project unpaid. Due to bankruptcy law in Japan, it could take months or years until the animators are reimbursed for their work, if they’re paid at all.


Tear Studio logo


Due to this, the official website for Fragtime announced that they will be releasing three books based around the production of the anime, to go to the staff who have lost money from the bankruptcy of Tear Studio’s parent company, Next Batters Circle Co., Ltd.

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In the announcement post, both Pony Canyon and the Fragtime production committee say that they’ve “already fulfilled their [contratual] obligations to [Tear Studio]” but were “deeply distressed by the recent situation,” and so three production books were created for “those who did not receive their full payment for production.”


The first book contains original drawings based on the OVA, the second book is a storyboard of the OVA, and the third contains the script used for the recording of the dialogue. The announcement says they picked these topics to “bring forth the beauty of the Fragtime OVA.”


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Fragtime key visual:

Fragtime key visual


Fragtime is currently running in a limited number of cinemas in Japan, with an expansion to the EJ Anime Theater in Shinjuku and others on January 10. The books are currently on pre-order on Pony Canyon’s website before their release on March 31, 2020.


Source: Fragtime official website via Comic Natalie


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