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KONOSUBA Darkness-Themed Ramen Brings the Pain


KONOSUBA is in the palm of your hands with the new Fantastic Days mobile game, and they’ve enlisted Darkness to help advertise. This means, of course, torture and punishment… but of the tasty kind.


Tokyo-based restaurant Yarou Ramen specializes in monster-sized bowls of the Japanese favorite, piled high with meats and veggies. And they’re pretty punishing—the restaurant has previously collaborated with Jason Statham’s Mechanic films, if that gives you any idea.



The limited-edition Darkness ramen features miso chicken, corn, and a pile of the restaurant’s grilled veggie mix concealed under Darkness’s old enemy: tons and tons of cabbage. It will be featured at Yarou Ramen’s Akihabara location, and orders will come with a KONOSUBA: Fantastic Days sticker:

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Plus, if you show proof at Yarou Ramen of following the game’s official LINE account, you can get one of these stickers featuring specially-drawn art of Darkness… uh… suffering through a ramen bowl.



The ramen will cost 1,200 per bowl, and will only be available until January 31. There will also be decor for the games around Akihabara celebrating its release.


KONOSUBA: Fantastic Days is currently in pre-orders in Japan, and has racked up more than 400,000 early adopters. The app is a party-based RPG with full voice acting, a new story, and SD character designs for favorite characters. The game is due for release next year in Japan; no announcements have yet been made concerning a global release.

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>> KONOSUBA: Fantastic Days Website

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