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“10 Aquaman Fan Tattoos You Need To “Sea” To Believe”

Many were introduced to Aquaman due to his big box office hit in 2018, but many of us fans know Aquaman as a founding member of the Justice League and the king of the ocean. Before then he was often the laughingstock of the JLA and the butt of some jokes.

He didn’t gain much popularity until he hit theaters in his first live-action portrayal but real fans know just how great he really is. These 10 tattoo artists created works of art and boast some of the most creative pieces you have to “sea” to believe. Here are 10 Aquaman fan tattoos you need to see.

10 Aquaman Trident – by vicentetattooartist 

The first entry is simple yet elegant. It’s just the Trident of the King of Atlantis, the very trident he used to defeat the evil of the sea in DCEU movie where he found his true heritage.

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The trident is almost immediately recognizable and the details behind are also one to behold. The sharp tongs, the beautiful pendant on the bottom, and the overall piercing look of the tattoo is only for real Aquaman fans.

9 Aquaman Thigh Tattoo- by charleen.plum

AlldayTattoo has created a very detailed and amazing portrayal of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman as he worked on the hardest part of the body to tattoo. From the face to the features, it’s almost like Momoa is going to jump out of the art and crack a joke or ask for a beer.

The shading, the glimmer in his eye, and the flowing hair make this one of the best and most complicated Aquaman tattoos on the list. Like the other tattoos, this one is definitely worth looking at whether you’re an Aquaman fan or a tattoo fan, It’s just that good and amazing.

8 Aquaman Thigh Tattoo – by charleen.plum

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This one looks like it took a while. With just over 5 hours of a tattoo session, charleen.plum was able to create this wonderful piece of art on the fan’s thighs. He’s got his signature trident and his stoic look as he is surrounded by fish the reefs of the vast ocean.

To top it off, the artist went into the littlest detail, perfectly recreating the tattoos on Arthur Curry himself. A true marvel to not only DC fans, but tattoo fans everywhere.

7 Colorful Arm Tattoo – by tattoo_gale  

This next piece is amazing for the color and the detail that went into creating the tattoo. Recreating the cover of the Aquaman movie with him standing on a rock while the sea critters all surround him.

On top, we see a picture of Aquaman like he just came out of the water with beads dripping down his face and the beautiful amber color of his eyes. Combined, this is a true work of art worth admiring.

6 Colorful Sleeve- by marzon_tatoo 

This next tattoo has a splash of color and detail that looks so real and vibrant. Once again we see the stoic yet good-natured smirk of the King of Atlantis, holding his trident and swimming in the blue sea.

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Not only does it make an impact on the creator, but also the fan that decided to get this tattoo to raise awareness for keeping our oceans clean. He talks about Jason Mamoa’s commitment to cleaning the oceans and his pride in painting his body with Momoa, “protector of the oceans”.

5 Trident Arm Tattoo- by bloodycolorsstutgart

This next tattoo is the first entry on steroids. Like the first entry, it is just the trident of the King of Atlantis but this one has details and color that the first didn’t. The water around the trident, the muscular arm surrounding the trident as it makes its way out of the ocean would make any Aquaman fan want to line up to get this tattoo.

We can’t help but put it on the list for the details and the color alone. Another great and unique piece both tattoo and DC fans can enjoy.

4 Trident Leg Tattoo- by peterhilgersart 

This one looks painful and time-consuming, and it was. Taking just over 3 sessions, this tattoo by far has the most detail out of any of the other pieces and really shows the commitment from both the artist and the fan.

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The gold of the trident shines as if it was real gold,  the water glimmers as if it was really reflecting from the sun, and the scales glisten beautifully. This is a piece even Jason Momoa would love.

3 Black & White Aquaman Arm Tattoo- by niceandeasytattoo

This abstract piece takes a unique look at Aquaman and uses sharp shapes to create the Protector of the Oceans. He looks like a true King, coming out of the water and watching the world as lightning strikes around him.

The gold highlighted trident brings it all together and makes this piece a unique but beautifully crafted one. One we can truly admire and never gt tired of looking at.

2 Aquaman Lego Tattoo- by esosgueyestattoos 

This next piece is comical and adorable, painting the Lego version of Aquaman perfectly. Like we know from the comics, Arthur Curry was originally clean-shaven and blonde, with a bright-colored suit as he fought crime in the water.

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Although his appearance has changed we can’t help but feel nostalgic as we look at the OG Aquaman in Lego form. Something we can laugh at and admire.

1 Colorful & Detailed Sleeve – by benk benk_hergia 

The last entry on the list is perfectly made and a true testament to tattoo artwork. It’s like a picture of Jason Momoa permanently painted on someone to admire at all times of the day.

Like other entries, they get the details down perfectly, the amber, and his signature rugged look. This artist included the necklace, the neck tattoos and a hint of sunshine glimmering from Momoa’s dark complexion as if he was really facing the sun. Details like this take a true talent and benk benk_hergia, like the other artists on this list has a lot of it.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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