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“10 Best Episodes Of All In The Family (According To IMDb)”

The 1970’s was certainly a revolutionary period of time, and that is especially true when it comes to television. There were some really great shows on television during that decade, and one of those shows was All In The Family.

This series had a little something for everyone. There was lots of drama, as well as some very serious and relatable situations in some of the episodes of that show. The series was also full of some really funny things as well.

This series was very groundbreaking for its’ time, and some of the episodes are still great today. Here are a few of the best episodes of All In The Family, according to those who use IMDb.

10 Sammy’s Visit – 9.3

Sammy Davis Jr. once appeared on an episode of this show, and that seems to be the most popular one these days. At this point in the series, Archie works as a cab driver, and he picks up Sammy. When Sammy leaves the cab, he accidentally forgets to take his briefcase along with him, so he eventually travels to the Bunker household to pick it up.

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The conversation that takes place between Sammy and Archie is a rather uncomfortable one, as one would suspect a conversation with a man like Archie to be, but it is funny nonetheless. It gets even better when Sammy kisses him on the cheek.

9 The Bunkers And The Swingers – 9.2

“The Bunkers And The Swingers” is one of the most popular episodes of All In The Family. In this episode, Edith finds an advertisement in a magazine, and she answers it. But what she doesn’t know is that the couple who placed the advertisement in the magazine are looking for a bit more than friendship.

The other couple is very open-minded, whereas Archie and Edith are not. They are a bit more on the conservative side, so things get really awkward when they find out what the other couple really had in mind. This is the ninth highest rated episode of the series, according to IMDb.

8 Edith’s Problem – 9.1

“Edith’s Problem” has a very high rating of 9.1 on IMDb, and it is very easy to see why. This is one of many episodes that took a very serious topic, and put a humorous spin on it. This episode of All In The Family is all about menopause, as well as the affects it can have on those who experience it.

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Throughout the episode, viewers get to see a side of Edith that isn’t really present throughout any of the other episodes. She’s mean, and has a bit of a strong temper as well, but it comes off as very funny. The episode actually did a good job of providing some education on menopause.

7 The Stivics Go West – 9

“The Stivics Go West” is a very emotional episode of All In The Family, and it is also one of the most popular ones as well. This episode takes place in the eighth season of the show, which means that the viewers had a lot of time to get to know Mike, Gloria, and their child.

Those who have seen this episode might remember that it is the one that focuses heavily on Mike and Gloria moving to California, as well as the effect that the whole event has on each of the characters. This episode is certainly a tearjerker.

6 Judging Books By Covers – 9

The episode called “Judging Books By Covers” is one of the ten most popular episodes in the series, and it also has a great message in it. Anyone who has ever seen this show knows that Archie is very judgmental, and that is what this episode focuses on.

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He meets one of Mike and Gloria’s friends, and he immediately forms an opinion about him solely based off of how he looks, and a few of his mannerisms. But later on, Archie discovers something surprising about one of his own friends. This episode is all about why no one should judge a person by their looks.

5 The Draft Dodger – 8.9

“The Draft Dodger” may not be as popular as some episodes of All In The Family, but it is still within the top ten most popular episodes of the show. Things get pretty heated in this one, since it focuses heavily on the Vietnam war.

A friend of Mike’s joins the Bunkers for Christmas dinner. The only problem is that he is a draft dodger, which is definitely not something Archie approves of. Things get even more interesting when a friend of Archie’s stops by, since his son was involved in the Vietnam war. This episode aired on Christmas Day in 1976.

4 Lionel’s Engagement – 8.9

“Lionel’s Engagement” is a really popular episode from this series, and it is also one of the ones that involves the Jeffersons. Archie (as well as George) share some rather interesting and unpopular views on interracial relationships, and that is part of what this episode is about.

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But there are lots of other reasons why this episode is so great. This is the first one where audiences were introduced to Lionel’s sarcastic grandmother, and the dialogue between her and Archie is hilarious. One of the most unforgettable moments in the show is when George and Archie get a long for a few moments, which is definitely a rare thing.

3 Edith’s 50th Birthday – 8.9

“Edith’s 50th Birthday” is the third highest-rated episode of All In The Family. Edith is one of the most lovable characters on this show, which makes this episode particularly memorable. She has a very unfortunate encounter with a criminal as she is baking her own birthday cake.

As hard as this episode can be to watch, it is also one that displays the characters’ brave and heroic side. She protects herself the only way that she can, which is throwing a really hot cake on the criminal’s face right before she runs next door. This episode really defined her character.

2 Meet The Bunkers – 8.8

The episode called “Meet The Bunkers” is the first episode of All In The Family, and it also happens to be one of the best episodes of the series as well. This one basically just focuses on the fact that Mike and Archie agree on pretty much nothing. It does a pretty good job of setting the tone for the rest of the series.

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But if one pays close attention to this show, they might notice some inconsistencies. In this episode, Archie talks about another character in the show, Reverend Felcher. But during later episodes, he has some really obvious issues pronouncing the name of the character. There are other small issues like that one as well.

1 Everybody Tells The Truth – 8.8

The most popular episode of All In The Family is one called “Everybody Tells The Truth, and it involves the main characters talking about what happened when two people came over to repair their refrigerator. Both Mike and Archie tell their sides of the story, and of course both of those versions of the story are pretty inaccurate.

Since Edith is such an honest person, she ends up telling the story the way it actually happened, and her version is not biased at all. This was the 21st episode of the third season of the series, and it aired on television on March 3, 1973.

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