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“10 Comedies That Never Got Sequels”

These days, Hollywood has a reputation for being obsessed with sequels. Indeed, if you look at the upcoming slate of films, 2020 is filled with sequels to established films. But while there is a perception that any film that is a hit or successful will get a sequel is not always true.

If you look at the comedy genre, you can see that sequels are not unheard of. Sometimes they can be worthy follow-ups and sometimes they can actually diminish the joy of the original film. But there are also a number of great comedies that got plenty of acclaim with critics and audiences, but never received a second film. Here are the top comedies that never got a sequel.

10 Tootsie

Tootsie is one of those rare laugh-out-loud comedies that got a lot of attention at the Oscars. Though having talents like Dustin Hoffman and Sydney Pollack working on the film might suggest a more distinguished sense of humor, the movie is just a silly and hilarious film about a struggling actor who poses as a woman to get a part on a soap opera.

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Despite the huge praise and financial success, the film received, we never got a follow-up. It would be interesting to see where a sequel might go, whether it continues the same story or maybe follow new characters with a female protagonist this time.

9 Step Brothers

Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have proven to be a hilarious comic duo in many films, but their most beloved collaboration was in the outrageous comedy, Step Brothers. The two funnymen starred as grown men who become reluctant stepbrothers when their single parents get married.

There has been talk of a sequel for years, but it seems to have gone nowhere. It’s a shame since watching these two man-child characters fight and form friendships made for some incredibly funny moments. It would be great to see how they have matured, if at all, after all these years.

8 Office Space

Office Space is one of those comedies that flopped at the box office when it was first released but has since gone on to become a hugely successful cult film. It follows three friends working at a soul-crushing office job who decide to fight back against their bosses.

The movie was instantly relatable to anyone who has worked a job they hated (which is pretty much everybody). Given how the movie grew in popularity, it seemed like a no-brainer that a sequel would eventually come. Alas, writer-director Mike Judge decided to tackle a more modern workplace setting with Silicon Valley.

7 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

John Hughes was the master of teen comedies in the 80s and one of his most entertaining films of that time was Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The film starred Matthew Broderick as a smooth and confident high school kid who fakes sick in order to have an epic day off school.

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The movie is hugely entertaining high school adventure and Broderick makes for a charming and lovable lead. Fans have wanted to see Ferris return for more adventures and there were rumors of a sequel in which an older Ferris played hooky from work for a day. However, as iconic as the film is, no sequel ever materialized.

6 Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is one of the most inventive comedies ever made and its screenplay has been praised as an all-time great. Bill Murray stars as a cynical weatherman who, while covering a story on a Groundhog Day festival, finds himself reliving the same day again and again.

The concept of the film has been borrowed and retold in different genres like in Edge of Tomorrow and Happy Death Day. That might have something to do with why the original story was never revisited, but it would be interesting to see what other comedic territory the story premise could explore.

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5 Superbad

Superbad was a huge surprise hit upon its release and has only grown in popularity since then. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera star as two outcast high school boys who go on a wild adventure one night in the hopes of scoring with the girls they like.

The movie made stars of Hill and Cera as well as introducing the world to Emma Stone in her feature film debut. It has earned an iconic status in the teen comedy genre yet still didn’t get any sequel. But it could still be fun to see these characters return as adults for another wild, booze-filled adventure.

4 Bridesmaids

While the raunchy comedy genre was once seen only from the male side of things, Bridesmaids proved that crude humor transcends genders. The film starred Kristen Wiig as a struggling middle-aged woman who tries to keep her own life together while serving as Maid of Honor for her best friend.

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The movie served as a breakout for Wiig while also launching Melissa McCarthy into the mainstream. It would seem obvious for a sequel to focus follow the misadventures around Wiig’s character’s wedding, but there has been no real talk of a sequel at any time.

3 Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler has proven he’s a skilled dramatic actor when given the opportunity, but it’s impossible to ignore some of his great comedic roles over the years. Happy Gilmore was one of his earliest films and remains one of his most beloved. He stars as a washed-up and violent hockey player who becomes an unexpected star in the world of pro golf.

Given how popular the character, you might have guessed Sandler would be eager to revisit the role. This could have become the Rocky franchise of golf movies. But Sandler seems to have retired the golf clubs and moved on to other projects.

2 Team America: World Police

The idea of a parody movie of the big Michael Bay action films but done with puppets sounds like something that could only come from the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The South Park creators brought this outrageous, violent and vulgar idea to life and the results were hilarious.

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The movie poked fun at everything from America’s politics to Hollywood celebrities and was merciless in doing so. While it would have been fun to see the adventures of Team America continue on for many more films, it’s likely this ambitious project was a lot of work to make and the creators wouldn’t be too eager to do it again.

1 Hot Fuzz

The buddy cop movies have always been a staple of the action genre. With Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright managed to poke fun at these kinds of movies while also paying a loving homage to them. Simon Pegg stars as a by-the-books big-city cop who is transferred to a small rural community with strange secrets.

While Hot Fuzz is part of Wright’s Three Cornetto Trilogy, it never got an official sequel. It seems like there are plenty more adventures Pegg and Nick Frost’s cops could go on while continuing to explore the tropes and fun of the action genre.

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