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“10 Legends of Tomorrow Logic Memes That Prove The Show Makes No Sense”

The DC television series Legends of Tomorrow features a lot of superheroes, former villains and other strange creatures (like a giant Beebo). Unlike its predecessors from the DC television universe, Arrow and The Flash, Legends is often comedic in nature.

Besides working with quirky and often somewhat crazy characters, the show also features plots and stories that make audiences question what they are seeing. That doesn’t change the fact Legends of Tomorrow is hilarious and can make a lot of viewers laugh on a regular basis. It just doesn’t always make sense, especially when time travel is involved.

10 I’ll Be Back

Characters dying and later coming back to life is nothing extraordinary in superhero tales, but the DC TV shows seem particularly gifted at this. Sara Lance, aka the Black Canary or later the White Canary, is one shining example of a hero who just won’t stay dead.

First, Sara was presumed dead after the ship that she and Oliver Queen were on crashed. Later on, Sara came back and was killed, only to be brought back thanks to the Lazarus Pit. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Sara is aware of the fact she has twisted the rules of logic over and over again.

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9 Fixed Point

When it comes to time travel, you can never be too careful. One false move could accidentally kill your own grandfather or prevent your parents from ever falling in love.

Everybody knows these basic rules – aka don’t screw with the timeline – but it seems that the Legends have struggled to learn this lesson. They often treat history as a toy and while it sometimes ends up well, their overall track record is far from stellar. That said, as The Flash surely knows, the Legends are not the only ones who often mess up.

8 Behold The Beepo

Of all the blunders the Legends have caused during their time traveling journeys, none have been so obvious, big, and – well – blue like that time they fought an ancient and powerful demon by using a giant Beepo.

While nobody can deny that this solution turned out to be effective in the end, it was also far from subtle and the whole epic battle led to Rip sacrificing his life to help the Legends. Rip was also the last person who could tame the Legends; once he was out of the picture, their breakage of history and everything scientific only grew stronger.

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7 How Fans See It

There’s this nice concept called suspension of disbelief. It basically means that while watching or reading something impossible, the audience avoids thinking about the logic holes and loopholes in order to enjoy it.

With their wizards, demons, time travel mishaps, and other things out of this world, suspension of disbelief is a basic requirement for watching Legends of Tomorrow. It might seem like too much at first, but for those willing to forget that there’s something called science and logic, they have more than a fair chance of enjoying the show in the end. It’s a gradual process, though, so don’t rush it and everything will work out fine.

6 One Face, Two People

This meme is a little rude (Brandon Routh was a great Superman) but it does nicely point out another logical mistake of Legends of Tomorrow, mainly the fact that Superman from alternative Earth and Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, have the same face (even though Superman is older when the two of them meet).

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One doesn’t have to be a scientist or a mathematician to realize that when two people aren’t related, the chance of them having the same face is astronomically low. Strangely enough, none of the Legends or other superheroes seem to question Ray and Superman’s identical faces, not even Lex Luthor, who might as well be called Mr. Skeptical.

5 Unicorns Are Real

Unicorns are real, at least, in the Legends of Tomorrow universe. When it comes to including fantasy creatures in their storylines, the show is far from shy. It features wizards, demons, goddesses, changelings, and other creatures that won’t be seen wandering the streets.

In doing so, Legends of Tomorrow mixes together two different worlds: Science and magic. It starts as a show about a band of misfits traveling through time and eventually just throws away the reins and becomes a mixture of everything imaginable, killer unicorns included.

4 Meet Yourself

Besides time travel, magical creatures, and people freely coming back from the dead, another thing which doesn’t make much sense in Legends of Tomorrow is the fact that DC’s beloved heroes end up meeting themselves on more than one occasion…and nothing serious ever happens.

Admittedly, like that time they had to save their past selves from being killed, the Legends often don’t have any other choice; nevertheless, considering how careful other sci-fi films and shows were about characters meeting their past selves, it’s just the tiniest bit confusing that Legends of Tomorrow is so relaxed about this phenomenon.

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3 Rules Of Attraction

Put together a group of mostly single people, and some of them are bound to grow closer and start dating or, at least exchange, a few heated kisses. This happened with Sara and Leonard Snart, aka Captain Cold, Sara and John Constantine, Sara and Ava, and – to give Sara a break – Nate and Amaya.

However, by far the weirdest relationship in Legends of Tomorrow is the one between Ray Palmer and Nora Darhk. Ray falls in love with Nora even though they seem to have very little in common and spend almost zero time together. The rules of attraction work in mysterious ways, but this one pairing just doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

2 Power Of Magic

After watching all the available seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, someone is likely to notice that the show is excellent at piling up surprises and mindbending moments. However, most of these strange moments occur in the fourth season, which not only introduces a fairy godmother, but also people swapping bodies, demons switching bodies, trips to hell, and a whole Bollywood episode!

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Yes, it’s just as bizarre as it sounds and might make the fans question the sanity of the show’s screenwriters. Despite all of that, though, there’s no denying the fact that the Legends are far from dull.

1 Don’t Step On Your Atom

And finally, let’s take a look at some of the superpowers of the Legends and why they either don’t make sense or are seriously over-powered. There’s Sara, who’s an excellent fighter but doesn’t really have any special powers. Then there are people like Mick and Rory, who mostly depend on their special guns. Progressive, but still somewhat realistic.

Then, there is the Atom, who has a super-suit that can shrink and become pretty much invisible. In the end, the most glaring lack of logic is that Palmer is only shown once or twice using his superpower to spy on people. Sure, Palmer is a lot like Superman, but still, this doesn’t make sense. Maybe he’s just afraid that people would step on him if he wasn’t careful.

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