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“10 Marvel Avengers Reimagined As Hogwarts Students (Fan Art)”

Of the various combinations between two unrelated franchises in pop-culture, one of the recently popular ones is combining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Harry Potter. Specifically, sorting the MCU characters into Hogwarts Houses or doing crossover fan art with the MCU and Harry Potter characters.

Though another variant of the MCU/Harry Potter fan art that’s been showing up is reimagining the Avengers as students of Hogwarts. It’s a unique concept as it’s fitting for magic-based heroes like Thor and an interesting scenario for ordinary humans such as Iron Man. So here are some samples of this particular fan art.

10 Clint Barton And Natasha Romanoff

Better known as Hawkeye and Black Widow, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff were known to have an off-and-on again romantic relationship in the comics. In the MCU, though, this never developed though they maintained a solid friendship throughout the movies.

This also didn’t stop people from shipping them together as a romantic couple as we see in this image by shan101pi where Clint is a Hufflepuff student while Natasha’s a Slytherin. Yet what makes this image funny are the background characters. Particularly Tony Stark, who’s the one talking, while Steve Rogers and Bruce Banner looked surprised. Meanwhile, Thor seems amused while Loki is annoyed.

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9 Bucky Barnes And The Stellio Aquatilium

Over the course of the MCU movies, Bucky Barnes has been through a lot to say the least. As the Winter Soldier assassin, he was forced to kill people against his will. Though Steve’s friendship saved him, it didn’t exactly make his life easier.

With that said, this image by templeait (now known as magpiecrown) for a fan-fiction by onecent depicts Bucky as the captain of Hufflepuff’s quidditch team who’s struggling with a Care of Magical Creatures project. Particularly with identifying a creature egg of unknown origin and caring for the creature-in-question. So his friend Steve, who’s a Gryffindor, offers to help.

8 Bruce Banner And Amy Santiago

So here is a case of a crossover between an MCU character and someone from a different franchise. In this case, it’s Amy Santiago from the police comedy show Brooklyn Nine-Nine being paired with Bruce Banner (aka the Hulk).

Both depicted as Ravenclaw students, this image that was drawn on commission by wingedcorgi for godlessondheimite’s post shows Bruce and Amy using a combination of potions and spells. For what purpose, we don’t know though given Bruce’s track record when it comes to experimentation it’ll most likely be questionable. As for Amy’s presence, it suggests whatever she and Bruce are making will benefit them.

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7 Thor And Loki

Aside from Black Widow and Hawkeye, another popular fan pairing that is mostly unique to the MCU is Thor and Loki. Though they are brothers, they are not related by blood and have such opposite personalities that fans can’t help but picture the two in amusing scenarios.

One of those is picturing them at Hogwarts, as this sketch by leylas-art shows on the Hogwarts Avengers Tumblr page. With Thor as a Gryffindor and Loki a Slytherin, it not only matches their color schemes but also their personalities. Also, it’s funny to see Thor trying to hug Loki who just wants to ignore him.

6 RhFe Hogwarts

Despite being mainly a supporting character, James “Rhodey” Rhodes (aka War Machine) still played an important role in the MCU’s ongoing narrative. Particularly in his friendship with Tony Stark, which has led some people to ship them online. 

So for an event called the RhFe November Bash, a fanfic was written by inkyubus with artwork done by alstonwiggles (or alstonnovak) depicting Rhodey as a Gryffindor quidditch player. Though specifically a Beater, which use bats to keep Bludgers away from their teammates. As he plays, Ravenclaw student Tony watches in awe. Then at the end of the game, Tony compliments Rhodey’s flying which this image shows.

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5 Nick Fury

As cool as Nick Fury has proven himself to be in the MCU, wouldn’t be even cooler if he was a wizard? Specifically, from the Harry Potter world which is realized in this image by Liz Zabronsky for a project called Order of the Avengers.

The premise is that long after the events in the Harry Potter novels, a bunch of rebel students from the American Wizarding school Ilvermorny get sent to Hogwarts. So a wizard named Nickademus “Mad-Eye” Fury puts together a group called the Order of the Avengers. Like the Order of the Phoenix, its purpose is to fight the evil forces within the Wizarding World.

4 Stephen Strange

Compared to the other Avengers characters, Doctor Strange is a natural fit for the Harry Potter universe. This is not only because of his magical abilities but also his story does parallel Harry Potter’s in that they both discover a hidden world of magic and have to defend it.

Of course, the Doctor Strange comics proceed the Harry Potter books by several decades but the parallels are still there. Thus, it seems less strange (no pun intended) to picture the Sorcerer Supreme as a student of Hogwarts. In the case of this image by maacomics, he’s a Ravenclaw with a Patronus shaped like a winged serpent called an Occamy.

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3 The Star-Spangled Auror

Because the Harry Potter franchise is steeped in British culture, it’s hard to picture someone like Captain America in such a universe since he represents American culture. Yet Liz Zabronsky made it work in this image for the Order of the Avengers Tumblr page.

Titled “The Star-Spangled Auror,” it describes how this version of Steve Rogers was originally a Squib despite being the son of two Aurors. But thanks to a magic potion, he was transformed into a Super Wizard and sent to Hogwarts. He then fought a follower of Grindelwald during the 1940s before being frozen and subsequently revived in the twenty-first century by Fury.

2 Tony Stark

If there’s any MCU character that would seem out of place in the Harry Potter universe, it’s Tony Stark. Known to us as Iron Man, he is a technological genius and firmly believes in the power of technology instead of magic. Yet that doesn’t stop people from picturing him as a Hogwarts student, including maacomics. 

Unlike the other depictions of Tony we’ve seen, though, this version is in Slytherin instead of Ravenclaw. While it may seem like a drastic change, it actually fits better since Tony is more ambitious than intellectual. Even his Patronus is fitting, which is a Thestral that appears to those who’ve experienced death.

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1 Friendly Hogwarts Spiderman

Due to limitations on ArtStation, Liz Zabronsky shared the images and descriptions for Order of the Avengers’ characters on other websites including Tumblr and DeviantArt. For instance, this one is on their DeviantArt account LizzyChrome titled “Friendly Hogwarts Spiderman.”

Like Order of the Avengers’ version of Steve Rogers, this Peter Parker is another American wizard who gets the chance to attend Hogwarts. Then during Care of Magical Creatures, he gets bitten by a unique spider bred by Hagrid giving him spider-like abilities. But what is interesting is the House he’s sorted into which is Ravenclaw, even though other sites place him in either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor.

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