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“10 Most Relatable Baby Yoda Driving Memes”

Not even Disney could have expected that one goggly eyed green alien the size of a cotton ball would take the world by storm, but then The Mandalorian premiered and baby Yoda became beloved by people across the globe. This petite, computer generated Force-wielder may not be the titular character of the series, but given his popularity he may as well be.

And of course, like any super popular character on a super popular TV series, baby Yoda has become a demigod of the internet fandom, inspiring enthusiasm and artistic expression among fans from every corner of the world. Fans like to express their admiration in many ways, but there are few ways that are more fun and more universally relatable than the meme. These are the 10 best baby Yoda driving memes on the web.

10 Blinded By The Light

Aren’t you not supposed to drive after getting those eye drops though? And what an unfortunate situation for baby Yoda, who is pretty much permanently stuck with his eyes in this state. He could presumably fly a ship in outer space since that’s mostly darkness, but if he ever made his way to earth then it would likely be too dangerously bright for him to drive.

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However on the plus side, he could probably drive during the night, and since babies obviously shouldn’t drink he could be anyone’s constant designated driver.

9 Fired Up

Everyone knows that forgetting to ask for the proper sauces at Taco Bell (or any fine fast food dining establishment) is a bit of a rookie mistake, but we all mess that up every pretty often anyway. But what this really requires is the foresight to know that you won’t always be on the ball.

Whenever anyone asks for some sauce packets it’s inevitable that the overworked, underpaid, and borderline nihilistic teen employees of the Bell are just going to grab a handful and throw it in, likely giving anyone more than what they need for the order. So just save it for later emergencies!

8 Making My Way Downtown

Something that is actually really weird about baby Yoda is that he probably has all of the weird fantasies that normal kids have, except his fantasies are actually reality.

Every kid in existence has pretended that they have magical Force powers, but baby Yoda actually does have Force powers. Every kid in existence has dreamed about being caught up in some wild fantasy tale with themselves as the star, and that is the reality that baby Yoda lives in. And his version of rolling down the street in his big wheel is probably commandeering the Mandalorian’s ship when Mando isn’t looking.

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7 Need For Speed

Now that’s a scenario in which baby Yoda’s Force powers would be incredibly useful (if not a little dangerous). If baby Yoda is frustrated by the fact that some slowpoke has obstructed the fast lane on the highway, he’s powerful enough to literally move said slowpoke out of the way with nothing more than his mind.

However, that seems like it’d be a double edged sword too. Maybe baby Yoda has enough self control to handle these kinds of situations, but most people who are experiencing a fit of road rage are about the last people in the world that should be able to move people (or kill people) with their minds.

6 Feeling It

So when you’re drunk in the backseat of an Uber really feeling the reggae music you’re… suddenly blessed with the ability to levitate a space rhino with nothing more than a wave of the hand? That is some pretty intense jamming.

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Pretty much everyone knows what it’s like to be drunk enough (unless you’re under the age of 21, or you’re just not a big drinker) that music suddenly feels like it’s vibrating every bone in your body, but there are lessons to be learned from this meme. Namely, when you start feeling that way you’re about fifteen seconds away from passing out from exhaustion for three days straight.

5 Kicking Back, Relaxing

It’s kind of a miracle that the human race propagates given that everyone who is now an adult was once a child, and therefore knows how much time they spent annoying, irritating, and possibly nearly killing their own parents because they thought it was fun.

In baby Yoda’s defense, being the passenger is always boring, and Mando’s ship isn’t even outfitted with a radio (although on the flip side, that also means that baby Yoda will never have to be subjected to the “you can pick the music when you become the driver” excuse that every kid has to cope with for over a decade).

4 A Slight Overreaction

It’s a good thing that baby Yoda was introduced to Mando’s angrier side straight off the bat, because he’s probably going to have to get used to daddy getting cut off in traffic and then vaporizing the offending party.

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And let’s be real, if regular people had access to these Mandalorian vaporizer shotguns then every highway in America would be looking like it just got hit by the Rapture. Little kids across the globe are scared enough by their parents becoming temporarily unhinged by the misbehavior of fellow drivers, so it’s for the best that deadly weapons are not involved.

3 A Long Hike

Uber may be one of the handiest inventions of the modern world, but on it’s face it’s really a risky, strange, and socially awkward proposition. It’s bizarre enough that now literally anyone with a car and a smartphone can become a pseudo-cab driver, but this GPS driven design offers a lot of opportunity for missed connections and awkward interactions.

That sinking realization that your Uber has gone past and now leaves you to sojourn for blocks more than you expected is no fun, but it’s equally uncomfortable when an Uber driver accidentally rolls up on you thinking that you’re their latest fare and not an innocent bystander.

2 Safety First

Well technically it seems unlikely that baby Yoda actually needs a car seat, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Any infant who is savvy enough to ward off a wall of flame or attempt to murder random animals and people probably has enough magical mojo to keep himself safe in the event of a car accident, however if baby Yoda was off his game then it’s good to have a backup. Plus for the sake of being inconspicuous, Mando would be stupid to not treat baby Yoda like any normal baby instead of the Force bomb that he really is.

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1 Living Large

If past experience is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem like baby Yoda is going to be satisfied with just pretending for every long. Baby Yoda may be a middle aged baby, but he is a pint sized terror who loves to live life on the edge.

He’s already taken a few joy rides in the ship as soon as Mando wasn’t looking, and he looked like he was having the time of his life when he was speeding into a literal death trap in the season finale of The Mandalorian.




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