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#SocialMedia #5 Reality Cooking Shows That Aren't Real (& 5 We Think Are) #BB

“5 Reality Cooking Shows That Aren’t Real (& 5 We Think Are)”

Does it take the fun out of watching a scripted show even if it is in your face obvious? Depends on the show, since let’s face it, real life is sometimes boring, and who wouldn’t want a writer writing heart-wrenching drama only for it to end happily ever after, after just an hour? So let’s sort the obvious from the just bad, the real from the fake reality cooking shows that make us feel like we can cook with the best chefs in the world.

10 Real: Nailed It!

If you ever even watched an episode of this show, you would pray that it is scripted, because you will sincerely feel sorry for some of the clueless cooks that participate each week to be the best of the worst cooks in the world. Each episode, contestants bake the most ungodly, unruly looking cakes and cupcakes known to man. Sadly, it just feels like these cooks are as bad, if not worse, than how they are portrayed on the show. Plus, the host, Nicole Byer, is the queen of keeping it real.

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9 Fake: MasterChef

It is just hard to take a show with Gordon Ramsay in it seriously. He just exudes falseness with his gritty language and over-the-top antics. It just feels like if this show was real, every contestant that has ever stepped foot on the set would have a lawsuit and restraining order placed against Ramsay for berating them without remorse. The whole, there is no such thing as bad publicity must work, as apparently being told you are the worst chef ever, while having your dish chunked back up in your face, seems to make each contestant more employable.

8 Real: Bizarre Foods America

A spin-off of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods, has Zimmern searching his native land for the most disgusting, vomit-inducing cultural cuisines that will make even the strongest stomach cringe in agony. Just like its predecessor, Bizarre Foods America examines an array of cultures and cuisines that help make them unique. There just is no reason for this show to be scripted as it is his initial apprehension before digging in that makes the show a success. Plus, even if it was scripted, the food is real, and it just doesn’t get any more real than the food Andrew Zimmern eats.

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7 Fake: Cake Boss

Where to even begin. Rumors abound that the delectable pastries seen on your television screens are not even made at Carlo’s Bake Shop, but, instead of at a factory. Even if these rumors are false, who really believes you’ll find Buddy baking cakes in Hoboken, New Jersey these days? It wouldn’t appear so fake if it wasn’t for the typical reality television moments with the family involved in some outrageous dilemma that somehow works out in the end. Whether it is real or fake, viewers get to watch cakes for an hour and that is all that matters.

6 Real: Chopped

Chopped really puts the contestants to the test, giving them less than appetizing ingredients, expecting them to somehow pull out a miracle in the brief time allotted. Some of the results are surprising when some of the contestants create delicious-looking meals.

Most reality cooking shows have judges that look like they are just there for the paycheck but not these judges, they seem truly intrigued by what the contestants can do and give out their rulings without bias. Everything about Chopped just screams that it is based in reality, not reality television.

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5 Fake: Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares wasn’t necessarily juicy because of what happened onscreen, it was what took place behind the cameras that made the show infamous. A restaurant in New Orleans that appeared on the show sued the host Gordon Ramsay, saying his staged antics gave it a bad reputation, causing the restaurant to seek damages. When the only thing that is real is the lawsuits, you know you have a disaster of a show on your hands. Surprisingly even though the show was clearly staged with over the top cursing and arguments it still somehow managed to make it seven seasons.

4 Real: Cupcake Wars

One of the longest-running baking competition shows on television, Cupcake Wars doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, as it is your standard three elimination round bake-off, where contestants are presented with ingredients and told to make the most professional looking cupcakes they can make to present at various award shows and events for celebrities. While it could be fake, it just seems like one of those reality shows that doesn’t present the over the top situations that reality shows usually base themselves in. If it is scripted, it sure does a great job of hiding the truth.

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3 Fake: Throwdown With Bobby Flay

Throwdown With Bobby Flay is scripted from the jump. The bad acting some of these challenged chefs do when Bobby Flay surprisingly shows up at their door, challenging them to a cook-off is cringe-worthy. Acting aside, the premise isn’t that much different from his other show Beat Bobby Flay, so at best it lacks a sense of originality. With all that said, back to the bad acting, how unrealistic are the expressions of the challengers when Bobby Flay, an expert chef beats them? The whole show is just eye-rolling comical in the worst way.

2 Real: Worst Cooks In America

It is hard to know whether to laugh at some of the dishes created on this show or to pity the dish for ever existing. It is the equivalent of watching someone try to make breakfast on the go, when already ten minutes late for work. While it isn’t the first reality show that makes its contestants look dumb, it has to be one of the best at making ordinary people who lack basic cooking skills feel good about themselves after watching this show. For goodness sake, these contestants can’t even use a can opener.

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1 Fake: Hell’s Kitchen

Noticed a pattern yet about Gordon Ramsay shows? Yea, they are pretty much all scripted. While it is more entertaining than some of Ramsay’s previous attempts at yelling at complete strangers for no apparent reason, it still comes off as very scripted. From the very beginning, viewers know who they are supposed to hate and who they are supposed to root for from the moment the show begins. It is a reality show for people who do not have enough time to decide who their favorite characters are, allowing the show to do it for them.

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