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#SocialMedia #90 Day Fiancé: Tania Tells Fiancé Syngin Her First Love Was Her Soulmate #BB

“90 Day Fiancé: Tania Tells Fiancé Syngin Her First Love Was Her Soulmate”

Tania of 90 Day Fiancé told her fiancé, Syngin that her first love was actually her soulmate and not him. The cringeworthy TV moment left viewers empathizing for the South African who seemingly had given up a lot more than his partner.

Tania and 29-year-old Syngin, met after Tania went to South Africa to meet another man from a dating app. After that relationship fell through, Tania still decided to still make the trip and that’s where she met bartender Syngin. After meeting him, she went home with him that night and ended up staying with him for months in his South African home. By all appearances, they seem like a suitable couple, however, it is the lack of common ground this couple has which is worrying to audiences.

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On the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé, fans watched as Syngin had been alone for 30 of the 90 days in Tania’s half-finished she-shed in her mother’s backyard. This week’s all-new episode showed a more in-depth look into the couple’s inner thoughts thanks to a meeting with an astrology adviser. Before the Skype meeting had even begun, Tania was nagging Syngin about the exact time of his birth as it was needed to prove that they were evidently made for one another. The couple was fresh off a gigantic fight that took place on the drive back from the airport in which Tania threatened to leave her fiancé on the side of the highway. But, for all intents and purposes, they looked as if they had moved on, mainly due to Syngin forgiving her and not wanting to talk around with hate in his heart.

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The goal of the astrology meeting was for the two to begin to build a strong spiritual footing and understanding of what cosmic powers had brought them together. Tania had told the cameras, “We are energy beings, and I was born at a certain time for a certain reason.” The astrologer aptly named, Daizy October, told the couple that she sensed that the two bickered a lot and threw shade at one another. The couple giggled as they accepted that verdict and carried on listening. October eventually asked both reality stars if they felt that this relationship was a “soulmate relationship” to which Syngin quickly replied yes. Tania, on the other hand, cracked a smile and said, I don’t think I have that full soulmate feeling.” As the reading ended Tania crushed Syngin, even more, telling the cameras that she believed her soulmate was her first love and that they did not have that deep sense of just knowing your souls are meant to be. I don’t know if our souls are meant to be. I feel that we’re meant to be now and you’re meant to be the father of my children.”

Syngin and viewers felt betrayed by the admission and the South African was left visibly upset. Fans of the TLC show are curious to see if their relationship, which was holding on by a thread already, will be able to sustain these hardships. Fans will have to tune in next week to watch if Syngin decided to pack up and return to his home country.

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90 Day Fiancé airs Sunday at 8pm EST on TLC.

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