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“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters”

Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have plenty of characters to love and root for among the main cast. But the supporting characters that have come and gone are pretty hit and miss. From boring villains to obnoxious new sidekicks, the S.H.I.E.L.D. family has had its share of duds.

Sometimes the characters are hated simply for their personalities. Other times, they’re disliked for their actions against fan favorites. Regardless, the audience is unafraid to voice its feelings when they don’t like someone. Even if it’s an unpopular opinion. Here are the 10 most hated supporting characters on the show.

10 Victoria Hand

The Level 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent rubbed some fans the wrong way, as well as the main group of Skye, Fitz, and Simmons. Victoria Hand preferred everything by the book, but everyone’s favorite agents liked to rebel and do things their own way.

Victoria sent Grand Ward and Leopold Fitz on a dangerous mission with no plan of extraction without Phil Coulson’s knowledge. She thought his feelings would get in the way and that made him a liability. Later she suspected Coulson of being the Clairvoyant, which didn’t earn her any popularity points.

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9 John Garrett

The mastermind known as the Clairvoyant, John Garret was a traitor to S.H.I.E.L.D. He turned to HYDRA’s side when he became the first test subject for Project Deathlok, the predecessor of the Centipede Project. His betrayal wounded the organization and its members, as well as the audience.

But nothing made him more despicable than his power over Ward. Under Garrett’s orders, Ward betrayed his team and nearly killed FitzSimmons. To make his protege go after the dynamic, nerdy duo made him a monster in everyone’s eyes.

8 Sequoia

The social media influencer glued to her phone even during a time of great stress and danger drove many fans nuts. Her role as a ditzy, vain woman only looking for social influence was meant to poke fun at Millennials and their mobile device obsession. But instead, she came off as obnoxious and frustrating.

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Her entitled attitude and refusal to cooperate when her life was in danger made fans roll their eyes. The vapid Sequoia won no love among the demographic she was meant to satirize.

7 Werner von Strucker

As a villain, Werner von Strucker isn’t meant to be liked very much. He is the son of a rather well-known Marvel comic book villain Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, a leader of HYDRA. But that role made him more an entitled brat than an intimidating villain.

He used his father’s money to lead a party boy lifestyle complete with yacht parties and bikini-clad women. Werner often turned to Gideon Malick as a father figure, as his own was distant. His weird romance with Ruby Hale later did him no favors among the fan base.

6 Glenn Talbot

It’s hard to take the military general seriously with that cartoonish mustache on his face. But the constant fluctuation of friend to foe drives some of the audience crazy. One minute General Talbot is after Coulson’s ragtag team of rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and the next he’s an ally.

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The team is never sure where they lie with the general. His most recent stint as a superpowered being from the Gravitonium infusion made him sillier still. Although, some fans feel bad for Talbot’s role as a plot tool throughout most of the show.

5 Deke Shaw

While Deke Shaw played the role of cynical scavenger in the future, he added a refreshing dynamic many fans gravitated toward. But his presence in the present grew old, fast. He even left S.H.I.E.L.D. for a time and became a startup CEO for a tech company that sold the tools he stole from the secret government organization.

His turn as a modern-day businessman changed his character into a downright jerk. Plus, his weird obsession with Daisy is only played for laughs, and it’s really not funny.

4 Snowflake

Part of the otherworldly gang running with Coulson’s lookalike Sarge, Snowflake really lives up to her name. She’s a special one with a personality that’s a weird combination of hippie vibes and murderous tendencies. Even her crew gets tired of her, “You’re going to be a beautiful butterfly,” schtick every time she kills someone.

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Her later psychotic romance with Deke makes no sense whatsoever. There’s a difference between kitschy and plain dumb. The villain’s strange innocence mixed with violence comes off as the latter. The writers miss the mark with Snowflake.

3 Lincoln Campbell

This one might be controversial considering the sacrifice he made at the end to save Daisy, but that’s all Lincoln ever did to make him resonate with the audience. He played nothing more than Daisy’s love interest, and an awkward pairing at that.

The two never had much chemistry, so it made it hard to care about Lincoln beyond his relationship with the protagonist. Besides that, he had a temper problem that made his relationship with Daisy toxic. It created a dynamic in which the woman saved the broken man.

2 Alistair Fitz

Anyone that hurts the precious cinnamon roll that is Fitz is public enemy number one in the fans’ eyes. Fitz only mentions his father in passing a few times in the real world, but it’s enough to know the man was bad news. The real-life Alistair Fitz was a drunk who abandoned his wife and son when Leopold was only 10-years-old.

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But in the Framework, Fitz’s father took his son with him to work for HYDRA when he left Fitz’s mother. This is how the Framework Fitz became the evil doctor that headed HYDRA.

1 Will Daniels

Everyone knows that the one true pairing is Fitz and Simmons. So when the stranded Will Daniels makes a connection with Simmons during her time on Maveth, the fan base went into a frenzy. Of course, it’s not Jemma’s fault that she thought she’d never get home to Fitz again.

She was scared and vulnerable, and Will was the only other human being around. At least, that’s what she thought. Turned out Will was Hive in disguise, trying to use Simmons to open the portal to return to Earth.

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