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“All Hallow’s Eve 2: Every Story Ranked”

Here’s a ranking of every story in anthology horror All Hallow’s Eve 2 from worst to best. By their very nature, anthology horror movies can be a mixed bag. There are undeniable greats like Creepshow, Tales From The Hood and Trick R’ Treat, followed by offerings like Cat’s Eye or Ghost Stories that combine good segments with underwhelming ones. It’s proved to be a surprisingly robust subgenre in recent years with lots of examples like Nightmare Cinema, The ABCs Of Death and Tales Of Halloween.

Anthology horror is also going strong on television, such as the recent revival of Creepshow on Shudder, Channel Zero and Inside No. 9. All Hallow’s Eve from 2013 was an anthology from director Damien Leone which was made up of a series of shorts all featuring the eerie Art the Clown (Mike Giannelli). While the movie itself drew mixed reviews, Art gathered a cult fanbase and starred in his own solo movie Terrifier in 2016.

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Sadly, the clown was absent for 2015 follow-up All Hallow’s Eve 2, which gathered together eight shorts and a wraparound story. Here’s every story ranked.

Mr. Tricker’s Treat

This short follows a creepy neighbor who makes Halloween decorations out of people, but despite an intriguing setup its neither funny nor scary.

M Is For Masochist

All Hallow Eve 2’s “M Is For Masochist” finds three boys visiting a carnie that wants to play a particularly brutal game. Again, a fun setup but outside of a spirited turn from Bill Oberst Jr. (3 From Hell), it’s simply too short and cheap to get much fun out of.

Trickster (Wraparound Segment)

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All Hallow Eve’s 2 wraparound tale finds a woman stalked by a figure called the Trickster that wears a pumpkin mask. She watches the VHS he leaves on her doorstep – she still has a machine to watch the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre apparently – which shows the various shorts. Trickster is a weak substitute for Art the Clown and the wraparound is empty filler.

The Last Halloween

“The Last Halloween” follows some kids tricking or treating in a post-apocalyptic town, before coming to a house that refuses to hand over an offering. Some nice production design and costumes aside, this short fails to engage.

A Boy’s Life

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“A Boy’s Life” was the working title of E.T. and this short finds a young boy tormented by an unseen monster under his bed while his mother is understandably skeptical of his claims. “A Boy’s Life” has two solid lead performances but its focus on drama over horror makes it feel out of place in All Hallow’s Eve 2.

Jack Attack

“Jack Attack” sees a boy and his babysitter hacking up a pumpkin for Halloween and eating its seeds – which leads to gruesome indigestion. A quick, gory treat with a story that’s just a setup for some nasty practical effects.


All Hallow Eve’s 2 “Descent” starts with a woman witnessing a man kill her friend, and six weeks later finding herself trapped in a long elevator ride with him. A tense, well crafted short that is one of the movie’s better-constructed episodes.

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The Offering

“The Offering” finds a father and son driving to a remote spot to make an offering to some mysterious entity. A simple but moody little tale that benefits from its lack of exposition and mournful tone.


All Hallow’s Eve 2 last segment is a Ring-inspired tale of a man unfriending his late girlfriend on social media – with eye-opening consequences. While it borrows a lot of from J-Horror cliches, “Alexia” is easily the anthology’s highlight and is genuinely pretty creepy.

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