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“American Horror Story: 5 Times Tate Was The Most Evil Langdon (& 5 Times It Was Michael)”

The Langdons are one of the most twisted families in American Horror Story. Family matriarch Constance and her children were introduced in Murder House, including the sociopathic mass-murdering teenager Tate. The season concludes with the birth of Michael and Apocalypse focuses on the Anti-Christ’s rise to power.

Tate and Michael are both sadistic murderers who have killed countless people – though Apocalypse redeems Tate somewhat. Both of them have committed unspeakable horrors, but which Langdon is the evilest? Here are five times it was Tate and five times it was Michael.

10 Tate: Killing His Classmates

We are first introduced to Tate Langdon as a troubled but somewhat sympathetic young man. His relationship with Violet Harmon is sweet and endeared him to fans, but as Murder House progresses both Violet and the viewers learn that underneath Tate’s angel-faced disguise lurks a monster.

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Tate and Violet are confronted by the spirits of the students Tate murdered on Halloween. We later see a chilling sequence that shows Tate mercilessly killing his classmates before his death inside the house.

9 Michael: Destroying The World

If there wasn’t enough proof in American Horror Story of his satanic origins, Michael Langdon destroys the world in Apocalypse. Although he is influenced in his decision to unleash nuclear war, Michael shows no remorse for the billions of deaths he caused and instead relishes in it.

When Michael arrives at the Outpost, he seems to be enjoying the death and destruction he has caused in the apocalypse. Luckily, the witches arrive in the nick of time to save the day.

8 Tate: Killing Chad And Patrick

Death did nothing to stop Tate’s murderous ways. After he realizes that Chad and Patrick are not going to have a baby that he can give to Nora, Tate takes matters into his own hands and brutally kills the couple so a new family can move into the house.

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Tate kills Chad and Patrick brutally and ruthlessly. He shows no remorse for his actions except for when they affect him. Despite his redemption in Apocalypse, he has done evil things that not even a time spell can reverse.

7 Michael: Killing The Witches

Michael wages war on the witch coven in Apocalypse. After passing the test of the Seven Wonders and nearly becoming Supreme, Cordelia thwarts Michael by killing his ally Miriam Mead. This prompts a vengeful Michael to align with a cult of Satanists and he returns to Miss Robichaux’s – with the help of Dinah Stevens – to massacre the witches.

Cordelia attempts to revive her students but Michael’s power prevents her. The deaths of the witches are reversed after Mallory travels back in time to kill Michael before his rise to power.

6 Tate: Assaulting Vivien

Tate was the conduit for the evil of the house – and Satan himself – when he impregnated Vivien Harmon with Michael. That does not change the fact that he assaulted her on more than one occasion whilst pursuing a relationship with her daughter Violet.

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Tate’s assault of Vivien is one of his most sadistic and unforgivable acts. It resulted in the birth of the Anti-Christ and the destruction of the world. Violet cannot bring herself to absolve him of this at the end of Murder House and banishes him before reuniting with the ghost of her mother.

5 Michael: Killing His Nanny

As Constance explains to Madison Montgomery and Behold Chablis in “Return to Murder House,” Michael was evil from his birth. He started killing animals at a young age before eventually killing his nanny and a priest, showing no remorse for his behavior. His ruthless actions scare even Constance, who takes her own life inside the house to be free from her grandson.

This indicates that there was never a chance for Michael to be a good person. As the Anti-Christ, evil was inside of him from the beginning and he was born capable of murder.

4 Tate: Setting Larry On Life

To say that Tate has issues with his mother is an understatement. Viewers learn in Murder House that, not only is Tate responsible for the murders of fifteen students, but he also set his mother’s partner Larry on fire and permanently disfigured him for life.

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This act can be seen as a twisted sort of justice for the fiery deaths of Larry’s wife and children. Regardless, it highlights Tate’s sadistic nature and how much he enjoys causing harm to other people.

3 Michael: Killing A Police Officer

Michael killed an unfathomable amount of people throughout Apocalypse. One of his most vicious kills is his attack on a police officer who tries to prevent him from leaving police custody with Ariel Augustus. After the warlock incapacitates the police officer, Michael waits for him to turn his back before using his magic to brutally kill the innocent man.

Michael kills for the sake of killing throughout the series and shows no remorse for his actions. Like Tate, he cares only when he or the few people he cares about are affected.

2 Tate: Scaring Leah

When Violet Harmon first moves into the house, she has trouble fitting in at school and is targeted by bullies. One bully named Leah takes a particularly vicious dislike to the new student and the two fight before Tate proposes a solution. Violet lures Leah to the house where Tate and the Infantata scare and attack her, traumatizing the school bully.

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This is another example of Tate’s warped sense of justice and the enjoyment he gets from hurting other people. This leads to a surprising friendship between Violet and Leah, who deteriorates after her experience.

1 Michael: Destroying People’s Souls

Michael is the Anti-Christ and possesses terrifying power that he uses to hurt and kill people without mercy. In “Return to Murder House,” we learn that Michael has another, more devastating power that can destroy people’s souls, making him a danger to all people whether they are alive or dead.

Michael demonstrates this when he kills and destroys the souls of a new couple moving into the house. This makes him one of the most powerful people in the series and a very dangerous threat.

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