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#SocialMedia #Apex Legends Dataminers Uncover Another Titanfall Reference #BB

“Apex Legends Dataminers Uncover Another Titanfall Reference”

Dataminers have discovered new details in Apex Legends that could potentially reference the Titanfall series. Apex Legends and Titanfall are both made by Respawn Entertainment and it has been confirmed that both series take place in the same universe. This also isn’t the first time that players have uncovered connections between the two series either.

The current map in Apex Legends, World’s Edge, features several construction signs that have been put up by Hammond Robotics. This is the exact same company in Titanfall that created the titular Titan mechs. This corporation is also responsible for creating MRVN robots, and it just so happens that Apex Legends’ Pathfinder is one. The newest connection between the two games came when Respawn announced their new character Forge. Forge will be the first corporate sponsored competitor in Apex, and he is reportedly being sponsored by Hammond Robotics. There are also several other connections between the series that are just rumors or theories.

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Players have been very curious about certain mysterious blue lights that appeared in the sky of Apex Legends. Shrugtal on Twitter (via PC Gamer) believes that those lights are going to mean that Harvesters, from Titanfall, will eventually be appearing on the map. Shrugtal believes that the blue lights are the thrusters of a ship carrying the Harvesters, after they dug up that a new zone in the game was titled Harvester. Another dataminer and twitter user That1MiningGuy discovered information that lends the theory more credence. By going through some of the game’s code they were able to discover that the blue lights have the word Hammond in them, leading others to believe that the corporation is connected to the lights in some way.

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Harvesters are massive cylindrical structures that are used by the Frontier Militia in Titanfall. These structures are then used to harvest minerals and other resources from the planet’s surface. The Harvesters can be seen throughout several different maps in the series. The only time that they are encountered though is during the game’s Frontier Defense game mode.

Respawn always seems to have some new idea or game development hidden away somewhere. Players have been surprised with each new season as new maps, characters, and story developments have been revealed. Gamers are notoriously crafty and some dig through patch notes and code in order to discover these new developments before they are announced. With the amount of connections between Titanfall and Apex Legends, the Harvesters would actually make a considerable amount of sense. Now players will just have to wait and wonder what happens next.

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Apex Legends can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One now.

Source: Shrugtal and That1MiningGuy (via PC Gamer)

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