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#SocialMedia #Better Call Saul: 10 Questions That The Sixth & Final Season Needs To Answer Before Ending #BB

“Better Call Saul: 10 Questions That The Sixth & Final Season Needs To Answer Before Ending”

With the creative team behind Better Call Saul announcing that the sixth season will be the final one, that leaves a lot more questions that need to be answered. The prequel show to Breaking Bad has been a worthy follow-up, with many ranking it alongside its predecessor.

With such a talented cast and crew behind the project though, it makes sense to end the series on a high, allowing the storytelling to be completed to the best of their abilities. Here are 10 questions that need to be answered before the end of the show.


As Kim does not make an appearance in Breaking Bad, she is apparently not in Jimmy’s life in the future. While Saul has done some pretty terrible things, he’s never managed to push away Kim for good. Better Call Saul needs to confirm what happens to this relationship.

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Viewers saw Kim waver at the end of the last season when Jimmy started to show his true colors. Would it be his behavior that forces Kim to leave? Or, perhaps, a more tragic series of events that ultimately ends with her death?


Nacho actually has a brief mention by Saul in Breaking Bad, but much like Kim, he isn’t around for Saul’s later adventures in the criminal underworld. Presumably, the upcoming season will explain why this is the case, although it is not too difficult to come up with a few guesses regarding Nacho’s fate.

Perhaps Nacho’s work to try and kill Hector becomes known by a few more people, which ends up putting a target on his head. Consequently, he and his family might have to move away for their safety. Alternatively, this could mark the end of the line for Nacho.


Jimmy McGill is the birth name of Saul Goodman. Whereas Jimmy represents the little guy, an underdog always fighting for what’s just, Saul represents something darker. Goodman is a con artist and doesn’t mind doing deals with some of Albuquerque’s most infamous criminals.

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Is Jimmy McGill gone for good? If so, what initiates this permanent change. Viewers have seen Saul switch between these two personalities a couple of times, but is there any of Jimmy left in Saul by the time he reaches Breaking Bad?


Fans have seen Jimmy go through a range of emotions due to his brother’s death. Chuck was someone who never truly believed in Saul and, therefore, there was a lot of resentment between the two, despite the fact that Jimmy cared for him.

Chuck’s death has been addressed in a variety of different ways but Saul has also used it in a heartless fashion to get his own way. In due time, Saul could very well come to loathe the part he played in his brother’s demise.


Walter White is one of the most notorious crime bosses in all of pop fiction. That said, someone is unlikely to remember Walt if they crossed paths before his Heisenberg days. While this might not lead to anywhere substantial, it would be interesting to know whether Saul and Walter actually crossed at some point.

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Their careers and lives are very different but a Walter and Saul meeting could be thrown in for the sake of fans. It could actually go a long way in explaining a few other story details, linking back to Breaking Bad in a number of surprising ways.


When Mike is first introduced in Breaking Bad, he is working for Gus Fring. Over the course of the seasons, his loyalties change a few different times and for a while, he even ends up working with Jesse and Walt. Prior to the events of Breaking Bad, it’s difficult to know if he ever wavers in his support for Gus.

Last season, Mike made a difficult decision to kill the architect who he had become close friends with. In the final season, does this act ever cause Mike to pause for thought? Or does his loyalty to Gus remain solid?


Gus has been empire building for some time. He has a number of criminal schemes that are in the works that could make him millions. He’s already had a warehouse built for the creation of drugs, but where does he stop?

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When Gus is seen in Breaking Bad, he is at the height of his power. Right now in Better Call Saul, he’s not actually too far away from reaching that point. The final season should continue the journey of Gus’ prominence, culminating at the moment that his empire is complete


Albuquerque has become a very different place compared to the first season. As Better Call Saul has progressed, more criminals have moved in and made their mark. There’s also more of a market for Saul’s less savory work.

Of course, in Breaking Bad, the crime rate is almost at an all-time high, in part due to the competition that Walter and Jesse insert into the scene. Was there a distinct moment that Albuquerque changes into somewhere a lot less safe?


Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill is the law firm established by Chuck, one that Jimmy and Kim have worked for. There isn’t this connection in Breaking Bad, however, suggesting something significant happens to the firm.

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Perhaps, Howard Hamlin ends up running the company into the ground, forcing HHM to fold. Conversely, Saul might actually be responsible for the collapse of the company. Of course, there’s every chance the law firm could just carry on in the background as well.


We’ve seen the building Saul comes to own. We’ve seen him try a number of different methods of making money. We’ve even witnessed him selling burner phones which will later become a crucial part of his setup.

Therefore, that just leaves the question of when Saul actually establishes the business that sees him do all sorts of work for underground criminal organizations. Hopefully, the sixth and final season will show Jimmy’s last transition into the Saul Goodman everyone knows from Breaking Bad. 

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