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“Constable Odo Returns in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Comic Book”

For the first time in over ten years, Star Trek comics will return to the Deep Space Nine era with a new miniseries that centers on a fan-favorite supporting character. Titled Star Trek: Deep Space Nine — Too Long a Sacrifice, the book will focus on Constable Odo, the titular space station’s chief security officer.

Too Long A Sacrifice is written by David Tipton and Scott Tipton, two veteran writers of Star Trek comics whose work was recently featured in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror and Star Trek: The Q Conflict. The miniseries is illustrated by Greg Scott, known for Gotham Central and The X-Files: Season 10. The first issue will also offer multiple cover variants: the main cover by Ricardo Drumond, two retailer incentives by J. K. Woodward, and a photo variant. Publisher IDW promises that the four-part Star Trek: Deep Space Nine miniseries, releasing in April, will deliver a fresh, dark take on DS9.

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The announcement describes the upcoming miniseries as “a taut noir thriller” set during the Dominion War, an interstellar conflict that drew in every major political faction in the show’s ongoing plotline. In Too Long A Sacrifice, the shapeshifting Odo is on the trail of a series of terrorist attacks with no clear culprit. Author Tipton explains that the story will give us a look at the “darker side of life on the station” as Odo and his allies are pressed to use extreme methods to get to the bottom of this deadly threat to the Federation. The cover image depicts a stern-faced Captain Sisko standing in the flaming wreckage of a recent explosion as the mutable investigator strides off, looking shaken, presumably in an attempt to pursue the perpetrator before they escape.

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This series is well-timed to give some attention to a character that has come to the surface in fans’ memories in recent weeks. Actor René Auberjonois, who portrayed Odo (among many other roles), passed away in December at the age of 79. This has caused the Star Trek community to reflect on the unforgettable performance Auberjoinois gave to the role, as well as the top-notch character writing that the performer brought to life. IDW’s Trek comics line has been devoted largely to stories that take off from The Next Generation, and now the live-action TV quadrant of the franchise is shifting to revive TNG’s biggest star as well with the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. In that context, this mini is a much-needed revisit to a cult favorite series celebrated for its commitment to deep, complex storytelling.

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The creative team explained the book in a press release from IDW.

“Set during the most difficult hours of the Dominion War, Too Long a Sacrifice shows the station during trying times: a series of mysterious and seemingly unsolvable terrorist attacks just as the war has everyone strained to the breaking point,” says David Tipton. “We’ll get to see the darker side of life on the station as Odo leads the investigation, with increasingly desperate conditions forcing him and others to deal with new and unexpected allies and to use unusual tactics in their efforts to stop the attacks.”

“I’m really excited to be spending time with the DS9 crew,” says artist Greg Scott. “I’ve always loved Star Trek, and can’t wait to draw these wonderful characters!”

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