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#SocialMedia #Deadpool Confirms Only [SPOILER] Could Actually Kill Him #BB

“Deadpool Confirms Only [SPOILER] Could Actually Kill Him”

Even the most invincible superheroes must some day fall, which means the un-killable Deadpool will die, sooner or later. That very story is about to be told in Deadpool: The End, and from the preview of the issue, it appears Wade Wilson’s final day is as predictably ridiculous as his fans would hope.

There’s a risk of Marvel Comics coming off as somewhat macabre, by creating an entire series of The End comics intended to showcase the final story, mission, or battle of fan-favorite heroes. But so far, the stories themselves have helped to justify the concept. The death of Miles Morales was exactly right for a Spider-Man, and Venom’s heroic sacrifice went cosmic on a level never before seen. So what does that mean for Deadpool’s final adventure? As the preview pages shows, there is only one man who could ever hope to put an end to Deadpool’s lunacy, and that man is… also Deadpool.

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But should anyone really be surprised to learn that Deadpool’s final battle wouldn’t be against some alien invasion, or a cosmic free-for-all sending the universe’s greatest heroes against its greatest villains? After all, the past few years and several run-ins between Deadpool and other Marvel heroes proves he would never get an invite to begin with. No, Joe Kelly, Mike Hawthorne and co. have turned to the only character outrageous enough to play a part in Deadpool’s final mission. Well, technically the only characters.

Fans expecting Wade Wilson to meet his End due to a failing healing factor should prepare for disappointment. From the preview pages, it looks like the harbingers of his doom are: his future self in a suit of Transformers-esque armor, a baby Franklin Richards with an Infinity Gauntlet, and Lady Death, naturally. Take a look for yourselves in the pages below:

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These are obviously not the first pages of Deadpool: The End, meaning the actual events that pit Deadpool against his older, armored, future self have yet to be enjoyed (and somewhat less likely, understood). But just in case any readers were concerned the final chapter of Wade Wilson’s story would be more somber, contemplative, or even more sane than the ones preceding it… rest easy. And enjoy the full issue when it hits shelves this Wednesday. Until then, read on below for the full solicitations details and plot synopsis.

  • Release Date: January 29th, 2020
  • Written by: Joe Kelly
  • Art by: Mike Hawthorne, Victor Olazaba, Ruth Redmond
  • Cover Art by: Rahzzah
  • THE FINAL DEADPOOL STORY! Wade Wilson may seem like he is unkillable, but there is more than one way to put an end to him… but don’t take my word for it! Quintessential Deadpool scribe Joe Kelly and record-setting Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne team-up to prove it to you! Deadpool is done for!
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Deadpool: The End will be available at your local comic book shop on January 29th, 2020.

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