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“Disney Channel: Hogwarts Houses Of Hannah Montana Characters”

Hannah Montana once told her adoring fans that the school she attended was Hogwarts. Despite the nod to the Harry Potter franchise, none of the characters made more references to the material (likely because it’s not a Disney property), so fans never heard if the real person behind Hannah Montana’s persona knew which Hogwarts house she belonged in.

The Disney Channel original series ran for four seasons and received a feature film. Over the course of the series, fans got to know the characters very well – enough to play sorting hat and sort Miley Stewart, Oliver Oken, Lilly Truscott, and company into their Hogwarts houses.

10 Jackson: Gryffindor

With his get-rich-quick schemes and his desire to be popular, Jackson might seem like an easy fit for Slytherin. That’s not entirely true, however, as his desire to be liked and the center of attention certainly speaks more to Gryffindor traits.

The sorting hat would ultimately decide on Gryffindor because Jackson is unabashedly his own person. At times he’s lazy and wants an easy way out, but he also wants to make his own way in the world. He wants to be someone people can count on, even if he doesn’t always act like it.

9 Rico: Slytherin

A more perfect Slytherin in the Hannah Montana series cannot be found. Rico is the embodiment of all things Slytherin despite his Ravenclaw-worthy intelligence.

Like Jackson, Rico is fond of a get-rich-quick scheme. Unlike Jackson, however, Rico comes from a family of money and has wealth to fall back on. He’s always ready to pay someone to do his most demeaning work so he can get out of it as well. Rico loves to be the one in control and relishes the fact that he holds power over employees who are years older than him. 

8 Robby Ray: Hufflepuff

His musical talents might lean toward Ravenclaw, and his desire to do the right thing might lean toward Ravenclaw, but at his core, Robby Ray Stewart is a Hufflepuff. He’s maintained his own music producing career while managing his daughter’s, raised two kids, and always made an effort to give people a chance.

There isn’t a more hardworking parent in the Hannah Montana series, though, to be fair, there aren’t that many parents viewers actually see. Kind-hearted and diligent, Robby Ray is exactly the model for a Hufflepuff.

7 Joanie: Gryffindor

Once upon a time, Joanie Palumbo and Lilly Truscott were mortal enemies. That’s probably because Joanie has a lot of hot-headed Gryffindor traits, which stopped the two from getting to know one another. Joanie becomes a recurring character when she dates Oliver, and the storyline allowed fans to get to know her.

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Competitive and athletic, Joanie enjoys being the center of attention like any Gryffindor. She also is fully herself, not caring much what anyone thinks of her, even hanging out on the beach in an outfit meant to attract aliens in an effort to bond with Oliver. That takes guts in the middle of Malibu with a bunch of kids you go to high school with hanging out on the same beach.

6 Jesse: Ravenclaw

Introduced late in the series, Jesse brings a fresh point of view to the Hannah aspect of Miley Stewart’s life. He isn’t someone who agrees with her just because she’s the star, instead of voicing his own opinions and finding ways to help her improve her pop songs.

The sorting hat places Jesse into Ravenclaw for two very simple reasons. He’s clearly very musically inclined as he doesn’t just blindly learn his notes but makes efforts to aid in writing Hannah’s music. Jesse is also the only character in the entire series to use his own powers of observation to figure out that Miley and Hannah are the same person. He keeps the knowledge to himself until she tells him the truth, but he uses what he knows to work on his relationship with her.

5 Jake: Gryffindor

Jake might have lost a lot of fans when he decided to cheat on Miley with a famous friend, but at one point, he was a fan favorite and the guy a lot of people thought Miley would end up with. Despite the cheating, and his turn on a prank show, Jake isn’t really that great of a schemer, so he doesn’t fit into Slytherin. Instead, he’s much more like the archetypal big man on campus, making him a lock for a cocky Gryffindor.

Jake is less like a Harry Potter, and more like a Cormac McClaggen when it comes to Gryffindors fans know. He’s willing to put himself out there because he believes he’s better than everyone around him. Jake genuinely believes he’s the hero of the story, even if no one else does.

4 Amber And Ashley: Slytherin

Like Rico, Amber and Ashley love being the people with the power. They don’t get their power from running a snack shack on the beach. Of course, we can’t separate the two on this list because we rarely see one without the other in the series. 

They get their power from being at the top of the social pyramid in school. If they were in Slytherin, they would be ruling the dorms. The teenagers would throw one another off the astronomy tower if it meant cementing their spot as the most popular girl in school, so their ambition knows no bounds. 

3 Oliver: Gryffindor

Given his immense loyalty to both Lilly and Miley at the start of the series, it’s tempting to place Oliver in a house like Hufflepuff. As he grows, however, it’s evident that Oliver belongs in Gryffindor.

Oliver takes a lot of chances in his young life. He stands up to bullies, he has the most love interests of the main characters, and he even dates his best friend despite the possibility of it changing their friendship forever. Oliver also takes a huge risk when he decides to pursue his own dreams of a music career, not cashing in on his friendship with Hannah Montana to do it. He’s got guts.

2 Lilly: Ravenclaw

There are a lot of moments in the series when Lilly seems like she has no common sense, so the sorting hat placing Lilly in Ravenclaw might seem surprising. Throughout the show, however, Lilly proves she’s smarter than people think she is.

By the time they’re in high school, Lilly is in advanced placement courses, including learning foreign languages. She’s able to keep up with her schoolwork while still cosplaying as Hannah Montana’s socialite sidekick. Lilly is also the first of the main characters to choose her education over the chance to be famous. Oliver chooses his music and Miley usually chooses her life as Hannah, but Lilly chooses her dream school of Sanford University instead.

1 Miley: Hufflepuff

Miley leads a double life, one that involves climbing the top of the pop charts, which might seem very Slytherin of her, but she’s not ambitious in that she wants to be famous. Miley loves music and performing. Becoming Hannah Montana allowed her to still be Miley Stewart in her everyday life, letting her keep a sense of normalcy. Her dedication to that normal life, and the amount of work it takes for her to maintain it, is what makes her a Hufflepuff.

Miley somehow manages to maintain her Hannah commitments, keep up with her schoolwork and her friends, participate in school clubs and functions, date, break into acting, and even consider attending college. Whew. A great work ethic and a sense of time management are a must.

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