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“Doctor Who: The Doctor’s Best Outfits, Ranked”

Doctor Who remains one of the weirdest show concepts on TV, combining a ton of elements that shouldn’t work as well as they do. Over its long history, this British Science Fiction series has thrown just about everything at the wall to see what sticks: time travel, robot dogs, and evil pepper shakers.

One of the signature elements of the series is the unique fashion sense of its lead character. The Doctor has always had a weird sense of fashion, varying from incarnation to incarnation. Out of all of the Doctor’s looks, here are the ones that stand out as the best.

10 Two’s Furry Coat

The Second Doctor’s main look might be one of the worst out there. His ill-fitting suit and mop-top hair felt like someone suffering from a mid-life crisis. But this fur coat outfit that he occasionally rocked was just so weird and out there that it somehow worked.

It’s unlike anything else The Doctor has ever worn on the show, but it also fits this iteration of the Timelord. The oversized coat made him feel that much smaller and mischievous, fitting his trickster personality perfectly. It’s a look that, like the series, shouldn’t work. Yet when executed well, it becomes a classic.

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9 Ten’s Nerd Chic

Out of all the Doctors, few are as iconic as David Tennant’s. With The Fourth Doctor remaining as competition, Ten is arguably the face of the series. Much of that is due to his signature fashion sense. Fitting the style of the era, this version of the Timelord rocked a nerd chic style.

His signature suit and coat combo had a couple of variations, but his blue suit was always a favorite. While his large coat is iconic, it’s the addition of the Chuck Taylor Converse that pulls the entire outfit together. The occasional 3-D glasses were an excellent addition too.

8 Four’s Maroon Variation

The Fourth Doctor remains the template for every version of the character going forward. No Doctor remained on the series as long as he did, and few had as iconic a look. The long scarf, puffy hair, and long coat made him the heroic but alien man of mystery we love.

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Most remember him for his brown coat and multi-color scarf, but a few of his later adventures saw The Doctor change into this maroon variation. It doesn’t hold a candle to the classic scarf, but its a fun and very cozy version of the original.

7 Eight’s War-torn Edwardian Number

The Eighth Doctor never got the attention he deserved. Paul McGann’s version of the Timelord only got the one TV Movie, many audio stories, and the standalone short from the 50th Anniversary Year. His original outfit was a classic Edwardian style outfit, harkening to a gentleman aesthetic of this dashing version.

But, the best version of this outfit was the one to appear in The Night of the Doctor short. This one-off special saw The Eighth Doctor return, carefully avoiding the TIme War at all cost. This rugged version is the most heroic the Doctor has ever looked.

6 Nine’s Simplistic Costume

The Ninth Doctor was a bolt of energy that was much needed when reviving the series. Before him, The Doctor nearly always wore outfits that were, at the least, semi-formal. This was, and remains the most casual look of any version of The Doctor.

Nine wore nothing more than a t-shirt, jeans, leather jacket, and boots. It is a simple outfit, but one that felt revolutionary at the time. Somehow this simple street outfit came across as an instantly iconic look. Because of Nine, the Doctor’s outfit range expanded more than ever before.

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5 Eleven’s Professor Vibe

By the time of the ELeventh Doctor, the costume the Doctor chose became a heavily referenced element of the series. In fact, one of the Eleventh Doctor’s signature catchphrases was “Bowties are cool”, referencing his constant accessory. His original outfit harkened to a schoolboy look, referencing his younger face.

As the Doctor aged in this new form, so did his outfit. His second outfit fit his more mature personality near the end, looking like a more established academic than a student. The purple variation on the full suit, tie, and suspenders became the more preferred version of the TImelord’s costume.

4 Three’s Magician Outfit

Jon Pertwee’s Doctor is one of the most important and most influential versions of the character. While William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton established the series and its crucial elements, Pertwee ensured the series could really last as long as it did, bringing heroic energy, strange fashion sense, and full color to the series.

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His outfit remains one of the most repeated and inspired. Peter Capaldi’s initial Twelfth Doctor outfit made distinct visual references to the bright red flowing cape of Pertwee. This magician’s cloak paired with the classic dapper suits gave the Doctor his most popular look at the time and one that remains a classic.

3 Thirteen’s Iconic Look

For most of the series’ run, The Doctor rarely had luck with outfits utilizing many colored or rainbow pattern outfits. The Sixth Doctor’s coat remains the worst outfit to date, and the Fith and Seventh outfits have never been seen as the best of the best.

But, Thirteen’s outfit is not only one of the best highly saturated and bright costumes for the character but one of the best costumes of the character, period. The coat is a classic Doctor Who, but the T-Shirt feels more modern. Plus, this is the first Doctor to have piercings too, and it works so well.

2 Twelve’s Coat And Hoodie Combo

Another great outfit to combine old and new was the later iteration of the Twelfth Doctor’s costume. His red-lined jacket remained, but this Doctor combined it with more casual and modern looks. For much of his earlier episodes, he felt like more of an homage than his own character.

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Come this second season, the outfit reflected him coming into his own. The hoodie and sunglasses might have seemed silly to some, but it fit the character perfectly. Every time he added a jumper or sweatshirt underneath, the entire look became something special.

1 Four’s Orginal Classic

Who else could hold the top spot other than the Fourth Doctor? While his Red outfit was a great alternative, this original look remains the most iconic and perfect costume for the character. It is the most referenced and parodied, and for good reason. The combination of the scarf, hat, coat, and occasional broach made this Doctor the icon he was.

When it comes to costumes, it’s nowhere near as outrageous as some outfits, but it also isn’t stale and boring as others. It is the perfect middle ground between the human and alien aspects of the character.

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