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#SocialMedia #Dolittle: 5 Reasons It's A Must-Watch (& 5 You Should Skip it) #BB

“Dolittle: 5 Reasons It’s A Must-Watch (& 5 You Should Skip it)”

We all know Robert Downey Junior as “Iron Man” and “Sherlock Holmes.” but that was a previous chapter of his amazing, illustrious career, filled with box office hits like Avengers: Endgame, the highest-grossing film ever and Sherlock Holmes and its sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows.

Therefore, expectations for his first post-Marvel film were high as ever, even though the role was a questionable choice, yet, to everyone’s surprise, the film didn’t do that well at the box office and is expected to bomb, and be one of the biggest failures of his career, however, no matter how much critics hate it, it’s still an RDJ film.

10 Must-Watch: It’s RDJ’s First Post-Iron Man Film

For the past decade or so, Robert Downey Jr. was most well-known as Iron Man/ Tony Stark from his days at Marvel, which revived his early career in the film industry. Well, In Avengers: Endgame that era came to an end and Downey began a new chapter in his career, and if you’re an RDJ fan, this is the movie for you, marking his first-ever appearance without the Iron Man helmet. If this isn’t enough to get you to go to the theatre, then there is little that will.

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9 Skip It: RDJ’s Lackluster Performance

Although a terrific actor, RDJ’s performance was rather lackluster with a messed-up, confused accent, and amateur facial expressions one that makes us all remember his Marvel days and wishes they were never over, it feels as if though after time, his acting has also dropped but hope for the best, in the future with his upcoming movies including Sherlock Holmes 3 and many more. Thumbs up and good luck to him for his future, but sadly, he misses the mark this time, being one of the reasons you should skip this movie.

8 Must-Watch: Star-Studded Cast

John Cena, Rami Malek, Kumail Nanjiani, Martha Stewart, Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, and Craig Robertson in the same movie, yes it’s possible and it works! The cast in this movie is amazingly talented and funny and the chemistry and line delivery work beautifully.

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Each character plays their part wonderfully and this produces some of the greatest moments in the film, making it a must-watch. An interesting partnership and questionable choices all work out, and all of them achieve the movie’s initial aim, making us laugh. Rami Malek as Chee-Chee is just too funny to be described, and further shows the range of all these actors in comic roles.

7 Skip It: The Plot

A very unbelievable plot, filled with dragons and magic apples is too much to be digested at once, with another thing happening before the audience can process the first, and this makes the film a lackluster for all those nit-pickers who look for inconsistencies in a film, ranging from plot holes to continuity errors and it is just plain stretched and elongated too long for the audience to try and enjoy the film, and for this reason, you might want to skip this movie.

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6 Must Watch: The Jokes

Dolittle is filled with puns and jokes and honestly, they actually are funny. Appealing to both a younger and more adult audience, this movie has a lot of jokes and funny moments that keep the movie alive, and make it just a little bit better, and compensates for some areas in which it lacks and makes up for lost grounds.

The film is an amazing cinematic experience with some beautifully choreographed CGI and wonderful jokes. Filled to the brim with funny jokes and moments, which overshadowed some of its greatest flaws. If you’re with children and looking for a laugh, this is the movie for you.

5 Skip It: It’s An Unneeded Remake

Who can forget the Eddy Murphy remake of Dr.Dolittle and it’s a sequel, but Robert Downey Jr’s Dolittle falls very far from impressing the audience as Eddie Murphy did all those years ago, which brings critics to question, Did we really need a Dolittle remake? Well, this answers the question.

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The answer, being negative, given the film’s budget and the studio’s resources, the film seems rushed and dying to have a nice plot, while having a great cast and appealing nature, the film was an unneeded remake of the already fine Dolittle.

4 Must-Watch: Impressive CGI

Justifying the film’s large budget, Dolittle impressed with excellent execution of CGI by the film’s graphic and graphic design team, morphing Rami Malek into a gorilla, John Cena into a polar bear and Selena Gomez into a giraffe. Now, although this was expected by the audience given its humungous budget, but still a very impressive execution and stunning visuals make this a must-watch for all those people tired of Justice League’s terrible CGI.

3 Skip It: Lacks The Wow Factor

Probably the most surprising one on this list, Dolittle lacks the wow factor of every good movie, regardless of its large budget and the amazing cast. The plot was dying to be developed, like Downey’s accent and the movie crying out to be polished and made one of the all-time greats. It feels as if the whole movie depended on Downey, which he failed to carry and seemed a bit rush as if all the money went into getting the cast and the graphics, falling short of a good writing team and a great film.

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2 Must Watch: It Has Some Beautiful Lessons For Your Children

No matter what the film, it has some of the most beautiful messages and a wide variety of issues, ranging from bullying, and overcoming your darkest fears to social interaction and the importance of family. Dolittle brings that feeling of “I can do it.” in a young person’s mind, which at this gullible age and times is ever so important.

1 Skip It: It Has The Wrong Director

When you get Syriana’s director to direct children’s literature, this is going to be the result, disappointing, offering so much more, and begging to be improved. A huge mistake made by the studio regarding the film’s director choice.

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