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“Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Secret Boss Fight (& How To Unlock It)”

The recent release of the latest Dragon Ball Z game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot provides players with a large variety of legendary boss battles on top of creative new side quests. The game allows players to re-experience the manga and anime classic through the lens of a new and visually striking graphical engine. Paired with the RPG elements of the title, Kakarot is a breath of fresh air from other titles under the Dragon Ball Z name.

The game provides every villain introduced in the anime series as a fightable boss, minus those new villains introduced in the recent Dragon Ball Super. Kakarot challenges even the most battle-hardened fans of the series to their utmost capabilities through its intense battles and RPG elements. The game also features a secret boss battle that can only be acquired after beating the game. This secret boss may seem tricky to discover, so the following guide will provide players the essential tips to unlocking and defeating the secret boss in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

The most important prerequisite before a player can face the secret boss of Kakarot is through defeating the powerful villainous enemies. These are returning boss battles that can be found after defeating the main story. These are bosses that can be challenged again but with considerably more difficulty.

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Each villainous enemy is covered in a glowing red aura which illustrates their role as a villainous variation of their previous incarnation. As mentioned these fights are higher-level versions of bosses fought throughout the story, and their difficulty is exponentially harder.

These villainous enemies will be labeled on the world map by a menacing red aura logo. This will show the location of each of the villainous enemies required before unlocking the secret boss fight.

These villainous enemies will provide handsome rewards for defeating them and serve as excellent training encounters before tackling the supremely difficult secret boss. Be sure to tackle each villainous boss in order to both meet the requirements to unlock the secret boss battle and to prepare for the heightened difficulty of the battle.

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After defeating all of the villainous enemies found throughout the map, players will have to defeat the powerful fusion characters, Gotenks and Vegito before facing the final secret boss.

These two are by far the most difficult challenges players will have faced thus far in the game. The two fusion characters are both a daunting level 100 and possess a wide array of deadly moves in their arsenal. Coupled with the reality that you have to fight the two at the same time creates what is considered to be one of the hardest battles in the game.

A good way to overcome this obstacle is to focus your attention on Gotenks first, he excels at long-range fights and has lower health and defense than the incredibly strong Vegito. Gotenks is armed with the powerful Galactic Donut special move, which stuns Goku and allows for the enemy to unleash powerful attacks on the defenseless player. After defeating the smaller of the two enemies be cautious and whittle away at the dangerous Vegito. His attacks are very strong and should be given the utmost respect in battle. Some techniques to watch out for are Vegito’s Kamehameha and his big bang attack. Both of these take up a wide amount of screen space and dish out high amounts of damage. Be sure to evade these moves at all costs.

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Bringing a high-level party alongside an equally highly leveled Goku is a key tip to defeating the powerful pair. Facing the high-level enemies with an ill-prepared team will result in a crushing defeat. So be sure to learn mastery techniques and level up your party in order to stand a chance against the fearsome duo.

The secret boss of the game, Mira presents the biggest challenge for players in the game. Hosting the largest amount of health in the game on top of some of the most damaging attacks found, he is a challenge that will seem impossible at first.

After defeating Vegito and Gotenks players will be allowed to challenge the powerful Mira. The final boss of the game, Mira hosts a variety of powerful techniques that will garner the respect of even the most confident Kakarot players. Among his most powerful moves are his dark Kamehameha and his evil variation of the powerful spirit bomb. On top of a large pool of health, Mira has the potential to wipe out even the most prepared teams in Kakarot. Be sure to be cautious in your approach on top of being aware of the startups of each of his moves. Being able to evade and counter-attack is key to defeating the powerful being.

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Bringing a high-level party to the fight will ensure victory as well. When facing the boss having three characters battling the powerful enemy will help to chip away at his large health pool. Be sure to utilize the powerful special attack of your team in order to deal the most amount of damage possible. But only use this technique when you are sure it will hit Mira. Until then, make use of fast melee attacks in order to slowly deplete the secret boss’s large sum of health. After defeating Mira, players will be rewarded with a cut scene signaling the end of the fight as the final boss floats away towards the sky. Players will be awarded handsomely for their efforts and the bragging rights to say they defeated the powerful Mira in Dragonball Z: Kakarot.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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