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“Flash Star (Jokingly) Suggests An Arrowverse Name Change After Arrow Ends”

One star from The Flash has jokingly suggested the name of the Arrowverse be changed to the “Flashverse.” The Arrowverse has seen some big changes in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths. Supergirl and Superman are now residents on Earth-Prime alongside the Flash. Although Oliver Queen gave his life in the Crisis, his show is getting a proper series finale tomorrow. That episode will not only serve as a farewell to Arrow but also see the return of fan favorite Felicity Smoak.

It all started with one show. Arrow premiered in 2012 and quickly amassed a following. It followed a man named Oliver Queen, who returned to his city to battle corruption after being trapped on an island. Arrow is of course not the first live-action comic book show, but it was the first to kick-start a successful shared universe of superheros. Without Arrow, there would not be The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow.

Since the arrival of those two shows, the universe has only gotten bigger, incorporating Supergirl for mass crossovers. No one thought an adaption of Crisis on Infinite Earths was possible, but the five-part event recently concluded. Simply put, even those who are not fans of the Arrowverse can’t deny what it has managed to accomplish. With its flagship show ending, some may wonder if the Arrowverse should change its name, including The Flash star Danielle Panabaker, who plays Caitlin Snow. In a round of interviews with TV Guide, stars from both The Flash and Supergirl talk about Arrow ending and the legacy it has left behind. Check out the video, which includes Panabaker’s joke about the Arrowverse, below:

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Another highlight from the video is The Flash himself, Grant Gustin, saying he doesn’t want to take that leadership role in the Arrowverse left by Green Arrow Stephen Amell. Additionally, Chyler Leigh, who plays Alex Danvers on Supergirl, essentially answers Panabaker’s joking question about changing the name to the “Flashverse,” affirming it will “always” be the Arrowverse. Many fans will likely be happy with that statement. Although Arrow is about to conclude, its legacy will forever be felt in the other shows.

The persona of the Green Arrow will likely stay alive. The backdoor pilot for Green Arrow and the Canaries aired last week and saw good ratings. If it gets a series order, the show will follow Oliver’s daughter, Mia, as the new Green Arrow in 2040. Fans of the Arrowverse can look forward to other new programs coming up. Stargirl is arriving this spring, and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois recently received a series order. Big things are coming in the Arrowverse. First, however, longtime fans will have to say goodbye to Arrow tomorrow.

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Source: TV Guide

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