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“Friends: Monica’s 10 Most Cringeworthy Moments”

Out of all the gang on Friends, many people would agree that Monica is likely to be their least favorite. It’s not that she doesn’t have any great qualities, as she is the most generous out of them all. However, it just happens to be that the other characters’ personalities outshine hers.

It also doesn’t help that Monica had some of the most annoying and weirdest moments on the series, with her controlling and selfish attitude making people feel awkward and uncomfortable. Would you like some examples? Keep reading to discover Monica’s 10 most cringeworthy moments.

10 Chandler’s career plans

Another one of Monica’s cringeworthy moments has to be her behavior when Chandler talks about putting their plans on hold to have a baby. As fans know, Chandler decided to change his career in season 9 after he quit his job. With the help of Monica, he ends up attaining an unpaid internship at an advertising company.

However, Chandler expresses some reluctance to have a child as he feels like they aren’t financially stable. He asks if they can postpone for a year but changes his mind when he notices Monica’s disappointment. When Monica says there would never be a right time to have a child, it is true. But, she hadn’t thought about how they would be able to provide for the baby if they were living off one salary. It did come off as irrational and a little cringy.

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9 Seducing Chandler

One of the most embarrassing moments that had fans hiding behind their hands was Monica’s attempts to seduce Chandler. Although the time where she tried to seduce him when she was sick was pretty gross, this entry is more focused on the time she tried to seduce Chandler in revenge for overhearing him call her fat.

In “The One with All The Thanksgivings,” fans find out that Monica lost weight after Chandler called her fat. To get revenge, Rachel tells her that Monica should try to seduce him and gives her tips. However, instead of looking seductive, Monica makes the situation look awkward when she begins to use carrots, a box of mac and cheese, and a knife as props. As we all know, this is why Chandler lost the tip of his toe.

8 Cigarette-gate

It’s no secret that the gang hates it when Chandler smokes. However, have you ever realized the hypocrisy in Monica when she scolds Chandler for smoking but doesn’t do it to Richard when he smokes his cigars? In “The One with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner,” Monica gets into a big fight with Chandler after realizing he was smoking again.

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Not only are the couple late to Phoebe’s birthday dinner but Monica also manipulates Chandler into sleeping with her by pretending to forgive him (because she was ovulating and they were trying for a baby). It’s quite a cold move and shows how far Monica would go to get what she wants. It’s definitely one of her cringeworthy moments.

7 Too rigid with the rules

While fans accept Monica for the perfectionist she is, sometimes her being a stickler for the rules can be annoying. On several occasions, Monica can suck the joy out of the fun when she becomes overbearing and controlling over how a game should be played. Even parties too.

For instance, in the closing minutes of “The One with the Kips,” the gang is playing a game of mad libs. Monica decides to ruin the fun when she tells Phoebe that her turn doesn’t count because she didn’t follow the rules. Even in “The One with Two Parties” people were begging to be smuggled into Joey and Chandler’s party because she became too overbearing.

6 Too competitive

When it comes to playing games, there’s nothing wrong with having a little competitive spirit as this is what makes it fun. However, Monica’s competitiveness can go a step too far when the chef takes the game too seriously and lashes out at her teammates if they do something wrong.

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In “The One with All The Poker,” the viewers are first introduced to Monica’s competitiveness when she participates in a poker game with the gang. Later in the episode, Phoebe and Rachel laugh when Monica suggests that she isn’t competitive, with Rachel bringing up the time Monica threw a plate whilst playing Pictionary. We see an example of this anger by the end when no one is right when guessing her drawing.

5 The “Seven” moment

Similar to the famous café seen in When Harry Met Sally, Monica made fans cringe when she replicated this scene. In “The One with Phoebe’s Uterus,” Chandler comes to Monica and Rachel for help after he worried about his sexual performance not living up to Kathy’s expectations.

Monica decides to help Chandler by drawing him a diagram of a woman’s body and showing him the seven erogenous zones. She then advises him on what techniques he should use but ends up getting carried away, with Rachel and Chandler looking on a little uncomfortable.

4 Too invested in Ross and Rachel’s romance

Everyone knows that Monica and Ross’s relationship got a little too close for comfort sometimes. Whilst there is nothing wrong with asking your siblings for dating advice, it is a little unusual and weird that Monica and Ross would like to know more details.

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For instance, in “The One With The Morning After,” Monica asks Rachel how her anniversary date went with Ross. When Rachel says that they never actually got to have dinner, Monica gleefully replies “Whoa…nice”. She does remember that it is her brother they are talking about, right?

3 Chandler’s savings

One episode that many fans have said they hated how Monica behaved was “The One with Rachel’s Book”. In this episode, Monica is hurt to discover that her parents had spent her wedding money on the beach house. However, Chandler tells Monica that they can use some of the money he saved to spend on the event.

When Monica sees how much Chandler has, she tells him she wants to spend it all on the wedding. She then begins to act childish and gets angry when Chandler insists that he wants to keep some of it for their future. The truth is, he did have a point. It is a lot of money to be spending on one day when they were planning on spending the rest of their lives together.

2 The dollhouse

Monica’s controlling behavior also came through in “The One With the Dollhouse”. In this episode, Monica is bequeathed a dollhouse after her and Ross’s aunt died. When she finds out that Phoebe never got to have her own dollhouse, Monica tells the masseuse that she could use hers.

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However, Monica ends up trying to kill Phoebe’s imagination when she refuses to allow the toy dinosaurs or dog statue to be part of the game. Monica then becomes even more obnoxious when she becomes jealous of the gang lavishing attention on the house Phoebe created.

1 Watching Ross and Rachel’s sex tape

Again, another cringe-worthy moment involving the Geller siblings had to be when Monica wanted to watch the sex tape of Ross and Rachel. In “The One With the Videotape,” the gang finds themselves caught in the middle of an argument between Ross and Rachel when the couple debate on who made the first move.

The gang is shocked to discover that Ross had kept a videotape of his and Rachel’s one-night-stand. However, when Ross goes to destroy the tape, the gang all jump up in protest and say they want to watch it – including Monica. Again, does she realize how creepy and cringy this is?

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