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#SocialMedia #Game of Thrones: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The White Walkers #BB

“Game of Thrones: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The White Walkers”

Game of Thrones has finally come to it’s end, and as all had hoped and expected, the humans managed to defeat the white walkers, wights, and the Night King himself, once and for all. But unfortunately while Game of Thrones did offer a conclusion for these mysterious and strange beings, it really didn’t offer up a lot of explanations for what the white walkers did, could do, or even an explanation of their very nature.

It’s nearly impossible for a story of this size and scope to get wrapped up without leaving any dangling plot threads, but the white walkers were one of the most unique and interesting aspects of Game of Thrones mythology, so it would have been wonderful to know more about them. Here are our 10 most burning unanswered questions about these creatures.

10 Were They Connected With The Starks?

The Starks certainly have some kind of mystical blood, and they are of the First Men of Westeros as well. The Starks have been kings in the North since the last time that the white walkers roamed the earth, and (at least in the books) Brandon the Breaker, one of the ancient Stark kings, along with the King beyond the Wall, joined forces to defeat the Night King during the original long night.

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And boy, does that story sound familiar. It doesn’t seem like it can be a coincidence that the Night King was killed by a Stark after a Stark king aligned himself with a king beyond the wall, but why did history repeat itself like that?

9 Why Could Valyrian Steel And Dragonglass Kill Them?

It’s hard to say whether or not these are two separate questions or if they’re one in the same. Because on the one hand the connection between dragonglass and Valyrian steel seems to be obvious.

But on the other hand, dragonglass is something that the Children of the Forest used to make weapons (so possibly they designed the white walkers with this fail safe in mind), whereas it appears that Valyrian steel is just some kind of magical metal that can kill nearly anything.

However, the white walkers seem to be immune to literally everything but these two things, and we’d love to know why.

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8 Why Couldn’t Dragon Fire Kill Them?

It would have been kind of unfair if dragon fire could destroy or kill literally everything, but it still seems a little bit weird all things considered. No one actually knows how dragonglass or Valyrian steel are created, but one of the popular theories behind the creation of dragonglass is that it’s made with dragon fire, and one of the popular theories behind the creation of Valyrian steel is that it’s forged using dragon fire.

So if the two only weapons in the world that can apparently kill a white walker were both possibly made with dragon fire, why doesn’t dragon fire itself do the trick?

7 How Did The Wall Keep Them Out?

The Wall may be the largest and most powerful magical structure in existence, but we still have no idea what exactly makes it so magical. Legend has it that the Wall was created specifically to keep the threat of the white walkers at bay, and if Game of Thrones is anything to go by, it appears that it worked.

The white walkers apparently couldn’t go south unless the Wall itself had been destroyed, and they needed dragon fire in order to destroy it. But how exactly did the Wall keep them out, and what would have happened had they passed over the threshold?

6 Why Did The Children Of The Forest Lose Control Of Them?

When Bran Stark finally finds the Children of the Forest, they briefly explain to him that the white walkers, or at the very least the Night King, were created as a weapon to protect the Children from the First Men.

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And to be honest it seems to be pretty typical for those who create weapons of mass destruction to not understand what they’re doing and lose control of the weapon they’ve created, but why did the Children lose control of the white walkers? More importantly, why didn’t they design them specifically so that the Children could control them?

5 Was The Night King The Only One The Children Made?

So what we do know for sure is that the Children of the Forest created the Night King, and the Night King is capable of creating new white walkers himself. And it also appears that the white walkers and wights were all a part of some hive mind, with the Night King as their metaphorical queen bee.

So did the Children only create the Night King, and did they create him with the intention of him single handedly protecting them from men? And were they even aware that the Night King was capable of transforming other people into white walkers?

4 What Happened When The Night King Touched Bran?

Probably the weirdest, most confusing, and most maddeningly unexplained scene in the entire history of Game of Thrones was the scene where Bran went into his visions, found the Night King, and then the Night King found him right back.

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Bran was always under the impressions that his visions were only images and memories (a theory that was repeatedly proven false), but when the Night King spotted him in his astral projection he managed to literally get his hands on Bran and touch him. As a result he can actually find Bran in the real world, and the three eyed raven explains that this is a huge problem but never explains why or how it happened.

3 Could Someone Warg Into Them?

The white walkers can control the dead, but are they actually dead themselves? What are they even, really? And we do know that there are people in the world that can warg their consciousness into other living things, with Bran Stark being the strongest warg alive (and possibly the strongest warg who has ever lived).

So is it possible that someone could warg into a white walker, or even warg into the Night King himself? It’s an incredibly dangerous proposition, since wargs aren’t even supposed to input their consciousness into other human beings, but it’d be interesting to know if it’s possible.

2 Why Did They Go Dormant?

So after the long night the white walkers were beaten back and defeated, and since they were gone (or at least hidden) from the earth for thousands of years, everyone assumed that they had gone extinct. Or maybe they had never existed at all.

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However it soon became apparent that these legendary creatures were dangerously real, and after millennia of hibernation they were back with a vengeance. But why were they gone from the face of the world for so long? Was that something that they chose, or did their original rivals do something to force them into dormancy for ages?

1 Did They Want Anything Beyond Death?

The original creation of the Night King was designed to keep men from destroying the Children of the Forest, so it’s understandable that his magical programming essentially meant that he would seek and destroy any living human.

But clearly their original plan went a little haywire, and it would appear that the Night King had some form of human-like sentience. So was the only goal of the white walkers to kill everything living in the world? Or did they have grander designs for their domination of Planetos?

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