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“Game of Thrones: Top Shameless Things Daenerys Did”

Daenerys from Game of Thrones was a fearsome ruler with a strong cause but lacked the foresight to ensure she didn’t become her father. As one of the protagonists (turned villains) of the show, Daenerys sought to do good with her selfless nature. But despite her positive characteristics, she made some regrettable mistakes along the way.

Whether it’s letting her ego get the better of her or simply being selfish, Daenerys’s list of wrongdoings leads to her inevitable downfall in the season finale. With that, here are top shameless things Daenerys did in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

10 Used Daario

Daenerys rarely has time for herself, her campaign isn’t your average 9-5. Because of this, she engaged in a sexual relationship with Daario in her spare time, though she’s not about intimacy.

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Daario was a boy toy for her as she essentially treated him as a hookup, dumping him right before she leaves for King’s Landing. Not only was this shameless, but downright mean considering she embodies an opposing persona in front of her followers. Lesson learned Daario, don’t invest too much in a Queen.

9 Incest with Jon

Fans were waiting for Jon and Daenerys to come together, only to have some family ties get in the way. Though Jon realizes the dangers of their relationship early on, Daenerys offers to cover it all up and live a lie like Anakin with Padme. This was the beginning of her downfall, her broken heart conflicted by a hard truth to swallow.

Incest is incest, and unfortunately, Daenerys is blinded by her love and desire to see the wrong of it all. The loss of Jon would only stir the pot that would later pour over King’s Landing.

8 Destroyed King’s Landing

Daenery’s was destined to be the liberator of King’s Landing only to repeat the sins of her father. Her choice to burn the city to the ground rendered her entire campaign and efforts pointless, continuing the wheel rather than breaking the wheel.

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Her anger gets the best of her with the people suffering as a result. This all could have been avoided, but instead, Daenerys forgets what she represents rather than what she isn’t.

7 Crucified Masters of Meereen

Slavery is a touchy subject in Westeros, especially in Meereen where a handful of Daenery’s closest advisors are former slaves. Her choice to crucify the slave masters was both dangerous and dramatic. This was the first sign of Daenery’s darker side coming to fruition, ruling by fear instead of inspiring hope.

The crucifixion of the masters brought only more death to the city with The Sons of the Harpy exacting their revenge on both the Unsullied and citizens of Meereen. Daenerys was impulsive with this decision, and she learned his lesson the hard way.

6 Sent Jorah Away

Duty is the death of love, and Jorah lost it all. Despite Tyrion’s hand in sending him away, Daenerys could have kept Jorah seeing as he’s been with her since the start. But once again, love blinded her vision with Jorah exiled from the city only to return her service.

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Daenerys can be petty at times and even though Jorah technically did betray her, his loyalty and love for her were never doubted. Had Jorah stayed, Daenerys would have had another experienced council member to help her.

5 Believing Xaro Daxos

Desperation pushed Daenerys to extremes and Qarth tested her in every manner. However, despite her need for help Daenerys should have been more cautious in the luxurious city.

She let her guard down in exchange for wealth and a good time all the while Xaro Daxos ulterior motives lead to the kidnapping of her dragons.

4 Killed the Khals

Though this was one of the most awesome moments, it could have been avoided had her ego not gotten to her. The Khal’s patriarchal style disgusted Daenerys but her choice to burn them alive instead of exile them was a bit selfish.

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A major flex in power, Daenerys made it known to the rest of the Dothraki she’s their rightful ruler. But sometimes her lust for power can result in naive decisions, just like this one.

3 Locked the Dragons Up

Dragons are natural hunters with a need for open space to fly and grow. When she decides to cage them for the sake of Mereen’s citizens, she’s only putting a band-aid on an issue in need of resolve. Instead of taking them elsewhere she opts towards the quicker and easier option.

What mother imprisons her children in a dark cave with little to no light and contact from the outside world? Though justified because of their carnivorous tendencies, Daenerys could have treated them better.

2 Not Beliving Jon

Jon Snow may know nothing, but he’a man of his word. When he tries to convince Daenerys of the coming army of the dead, she chooses not to believe him. Daenerys needs to think like a ruler and consider things from another’s point of view.

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No matter how comical it sounds, Daenerys fails to realize that Jon wouldn’t have left the north in the first place if the White Walkers weren’t coming. Instead, she uses this as an opportunity to garner more allies and members of her army.

1 Executes Randyll and Dickon Tarly

Every toolbox needs a hammer, but not all the time. When the Lannister army surrenders, Daenerys inspires nothing but fear and loathing, looking more like Cersei than the liberator she set out to become. Her execution of the Tarly’s made her advisors skeptical and her followers scared, painting her more like the Mad King as time goes by.

If Daenerys wanted to break the wheel, she shouldn’t have made them an example with fire and blood, but with mercy and forgiveness.

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