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#SocialMedia #Gossip Girl: 10 Reasons Why Eric & Jenny Aren't Real Friends #BB

“Gossip Girl: 10 Reasons Why Eric & Jenny Aren’t Real Friends”

During the first season of Gossip Girl, fans had plenty of reason to believe that Jenny and Eric were destined to be best friends. Not only did the two get along really well, but their parents obviously had a past and their siblings seemed to have a future. It just made sense for Eric and Jenny to be BFFs.

Unfortunately, as the series progressed and Jenny became an official Upper East Sider, she let her social status go to her head and became an awful friend to Eric. In the end, Jenny and Eric were more like frenemies than anything else, here are the 10 reasons why.

10 Jenny Broke Eric Out Of The Ostroff Center

Breaking Eric out of the Ostroff Center initially came off as a good deed for Jenny. However, she only broke Eric out of the center because it was a dare from Blair. Jenny was desperate for Blair’s approval and was willing to do whatever it took to impress her. Jenny knew that Eric didn’t want to be stuck at the center anymore so she rationalized she was doing him a favor and devised a plan with Blair to break him free.

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However, this decision really shouldn’t have been up to Jenny. Jenny didn’t know what was best for Eric and she certainly wasn’t helping him escape purely for his benefit.

9 Jenny Didn’t Trust Eric

When Jenny started dating her first Upper East Side boyfriend, Asher, she knew he was going to instantly up her social status. She was so obsessed with gaining prestige from this relationship that she didn’t care to listen to her family and friends when they told her that Asher wasn’t being completely honest with her.

Eric approached Jenny and asked her how well she really knew Asher. Jenny immediately didn’t trust Eric’s intentions and assumed that he was only trying to make her doubt her relationship because he liked her. Of course, that wasn’t the case but Jenny was too blinded by her own agenda to see that.

8 Jenny Let Asher Embarrass Eric

Little J has really let Eric down on several occasions, and this time was definitely one of the worst. When the news broke publically that Eric and Asher were previously seeing each other, Asher immediately went on the defensive. He made Jenny call Eric a liar in front of everyone and called him awful names.

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Not only did Jenny go along with saying that Eric was lying, but she didn’t defend Eric when Asher was extremely cruel to him. It’s definitely a surprise that Eric continued to make an effort to be friends with Jenny after this.

7 Jenny Didn’t Respect Eric

Later on in the series when Jenny officially became Queen of Constance, fans repeatedly witnessed the power going straight to her head. Jenny decided that she had to do everything possible to stay queen, including being ruthless to one of her supposed best friends.

When Eric and Jonathan decided to sit higher than Jenny and her minions on the steps of The Met, Jenny forced Eric and Jonathan to move seats — apparently, no one can sit higher on the steps than the queen. The worst part of all of this is that Jenny constantly rationalized that this was all okay because it’s what she had to do to stay queen.

6 Jenny Had Her Minions Throw Yogurt On Eric

Not only did this moment actually happen, but it happened at the worst possible timing for Eric and Jenny’s friendship. Eric was still rooting for Jenny at this point in time and had even just defended her to Jonathan by telling him that deep down, she was still Jenny from Brooklyn.

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Jonathan wanted to prove Eric wrong so he went ahead and intentionally sat higher on the steps than Jenny and her minions. Jenny’s minions noticed this and urged her to take action and when they refused to move, Jenny had the girls pour yogurt all over Eric’s head. Yup, Jenny was pretty awful to Eric.

5 Jenny’s Minions Egged Eric’s Boyfriend

Unfortunately, this is the aftermath of the minions dumping yogurt on Eric. After Eric told his mom what Jenny did, she got grounded and was of course, immediately hungry for revenge. In order to get back at him, she ordered her minions to egg Jonathan while he was on his way to see Eric.

Honestly, this scene was pretty hard to watch. Even though Jenny didn’t physically throw the eggs at Jonathan, she was still the mastermind behind the operation. From this moment on, it became crystal clear that Jenny was no longer Little J from Brooklyn.

4 Jenny Chose Her Popularity Over Eric

It’s extremely confusing why Eric even wanted Jenny back after all of the terrible things she did to him. When Eric confronted Jenny about the way she’d been acting, she told him that she has to act like a ruthless queen at school, but she’s still his sister and best friend at home.

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Oh okay, so Jenny is just letting Eric know that she needs to live a double life in order to be happy and succeed. Of course, Eric was not okay with this plan and this conversation was finally the straw that broke the camel’s back.

3 Eric Tried To Sabotage Jenny At Cotillion

At this point in the series, Eric was more than ready for a little bit of revenge. Eric schemed with Blair to steal Jenny’s cotillion date to ruin her evening and put her in her place. While scheming with Blair was low, especially for Eric, it’s hard to blame him after everything Jenny had done to him.

In fact, Eric wasn’t even getting revenge for completely selfish reasons, he was hoping this plan would bring Jenny back down to Earth a bit by showing her how she treats others.

2 Eric Tried To Turn Jenny’s Friends Against Her

Eric’s plan to destroy Jenny’s night at cotillion was foiled when Jenny got Nate to stand in as her date. Jenny definitely didn’t end up with a change of heart from this night and if anything, her experience at cotillion just made her more of a villain. Eric tried to get revenge on Jenny one more time by working to turn her friends against her.

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Of course, Jenny was one step ahead of Eric and his plan didn’t pan out. Revenge was never Eric’s strong suit, but that’s part of the reason fans love him so much.

1 Jenny Didn’t Appreciate Eric

It’s pretty obvious by now that Jenny never deserved Eric as a friend. He was so loyal to her and was always there when she needed him. Unfortunately, it seemed that every time Eric was a good friend to Jenny, Jenny was just awful to him in return.

The worst part of all of this? When Jenny finally realized her mistakes at the end of season three, she didn’t even stick around to finally be the friend Eric needed. She ran away from the Upper East Side and went to live with her mom in Hudson. Eric definitely deserved better.

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