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#SocialMedia #Gossip Girl: 5 Couples Everyone Loved (& 5 That Were Just Annoying) #BB

“Gossip Girl: 5 Couples Everyone Loved (& 5 That Were Just Annoying)”

The CW’s Gossip Girl may be one of those teen dramas where the main characters both look and behave as if they’re in their forties, but ignore that and all six seasons are a juicy, addictive ride. Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) rule the Upper East Side and while they don’t always get along, the two have a fascinating friendship that sustains a lot of the show’s drama.

When the characters aren’t busy manipulating others, they’re busy falling in love (or convincing themselves that their current love interest is the right one for them). Here are five couples everyone loved on Gossip Girl and five that were just annoying.

10 Loved: Serena And Dan

While Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) may be the infamous “Gossip Girl,” before all that went down in the series finale, he was best known as the cool, literary hipster from Brooklyn who has always been in love with Serena.

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They’re ultimately an amazing couple because they come from such different backgrounds and it seems like that helps them become better people. While Serena has been given everything that she could ever want, Dan has had to count pennies and dream bigger than his financial situation will allow. Sure, they struggle as much as any teen couple on a TV drama, but they figure it out.

9 Annoying: Nate And Blair

Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) and Blair aren’t the best match, even though on paper, they seem totally perfect. They’re one of those couples who everyone thinks should be in love because they’ve been dating ever since they were kids and their future seems ironclad.

Nate cheats on Blair with Serena, and since his first time was supposed to be with Blair, that messes up the perfect plan. Before too long, Nate and Blair realize that it’s not true love and that they should split up. Seeing these two together is always pretty annoying as they seem like they’re just pretending to be a couple.

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8 Loved: Chuck And Blair

Countless fans love Blair and Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) on Gossip Girl, and their rocky romance seems to be the whole point. Sometimes love isn’t easy and these two seem to prove that more than anyone on the show.

Blair is in love with Chuck, but it definitely takes him a while to smarten up and commit to her. Fans are always on the edge of their seat, wondering if Chuck will finally declare his love for her.

7 Annoying: Nate And Vanessa

If it was annoying to see Nate date Blair, it might seem like it would be better to watch him in a relationship with someone who isn’t quite so picture perfect. Unfortunately, Nate and Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr) aren’t a very compelling couple.

Nate mostly just acts really immaturely with Vanessa, as he breaks up with her in the first season because he doesn’t want to commit to anyone and then, in the second season episode “Remains of the J,” he breaks up with her once again. Vanessa is so artistic that she should be with someone who isn’t quite as preppy.

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6 Loved: Rufus And Lily

It seems like on many teen dramas, two characters will fall in love and then their parents will, too. That definitely happens on Gossip Girl as Dan and Serena are a popular pair… and Dan’s dad Rufus (Matthew Settle) and Serena’s mom Lily (Kelly Rutherford) have a long romantic history.

Fans love this couple as they seem like soulmates. Lily never really seems like she fits into her wealthy world, and it’s so frustrating that she can’t admit that and be with Rufus forever. She just seems so obsessed with status.

5 Annoying: Dan And Georgina

Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is all about getting people to do what she wants, and since Dan is a morally good person (ignoring the whole “Gossip Girl” thing…), they don’t seem right for one another.

The worst part about this relationship is that Georgina says that Dan is the father of her baby, Milo, and it’s a pretty dramatic ride figuring out whether that’s true or not. And since Georgia is an annoying character already, this storyline doesn’t help matters.

4 Loved: Nate And Jenny

Many fans of Gossip Girl are also fans of Jenny (Taylor Momsen) and Nate. They don’t have a serious romance, and of course, Jenny doesn’t stay on the series for very long, but they seem to have more of a bond than a lot of the other couples.

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It’s true that they didn’t grow up in the same world, as Nate is wealthy and Jenny isn’t, but they both feel like outsiders who don’t truly get along with the other characters. This makes them seem like a solid pairing.

3 Annoying: Dan And Olivia

Dan and Olivia Burke (Hilary Duff) date in the third season of Gossip Girl and fans probably remember this romance because they have a threesome with Vanessa. Oh, Gossip Girl.

A relationship should never be based on lies, and yet Olivia lies about her fame as she’s a successful Hollywood actress. She seems way too vapid for Dan. And it’s tough for fans to see Dan with someone other than Serena.

2 Loved: Blair And Dan

While Dan and Serena are meant to be and Blair and Chuck are always going to be shipped, there was something about Blair and Dan.

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The fact that Dan is “Gossip Girl” actually makes this couple work even better since they both have a love of spying and scheming in common. The two bond in the fourth season and the scenes between them are actually surprisingly sweet. They do normal couple things, like watching films together (or viewing Rosemary’s Baby when they’re on the phone with each other, which is really cute).

1 Annoying: Serena And Aaron

Serena has so many random love interests throughout the course of Gossip Girl and Aaron Rose (John Patrick Amedori) is a memorable one. Serena and this artist are one of the most annoying couples on the show.

He’s not big on commitment, and it’s weird for Serena to realize that he is someone who will have many love interests at the same time. Fans definitely want Serena to stop wasting her time with anyone who isn’t Dan.

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