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#SocialMedia #Hannah Brown Confirms She’s Single Amid Peter Weber Romance Rumors #BB

“Hannah Brown Confirms She’s Single Amid Peter Weber Romance Rumors”

Hannah Brown just confirmed she’s single after telling Peter Weber she wasn’t over him on this season of The BachelorThe confession felt real and emotionally raw, urging many fans to believe that Brown might show up at the end of the season and ride off into the sunset with Weber. However, the former Bachelorette shut down those rumors with a recent Instagram Live.

Brown and Weber met on Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Although Weber made it to the final three, Brown sent him home in a tearful goodbye. After Brown’s engagement to winner Jed Wyatt broke down, however, Brown appeared on Weber’s season of The Bachelor as a guest. She was supposed to host a group date, but her feelings got the best of her and she ended up in a tear-filled conversation with Weber. The two talked about the end of their relationship and Brown admitted that she wasn’t sure if she made the right decision. To Weber’s surprise, she confessed that she still had feelings for him, though she also admitted that she was confused and unsure if things would work out between them. The confession rocked Weber, who cancelled the day portion of the group date despite turning Brown down and choosing to continue with his season.

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While Weber chose to pursue the women on his season, fans speculated that he might return to Brown when his journey was over. On Monday night, Brown started an Instagram Live to chat with fans and answer questions. According to E! Newsone fan asked Brown about her romantic life. She responded, “Am I dating anyone? Nope.” After discussing a trip to the doctor’s office and her current birth control, another fan asked if she was pregnant. Brown said, “No, there’s no way. There’s no way I’m pregnant.

The confession that Brown is still single comes after a tumultuous year of romantic decisions for the former BacheloretteAfter finding out that ex-fiancé Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend when he came on the show, Brown promptly ended their engagement. At the After the Final Rose special, Brown tried to rekindle things with runner-up Tyler Cameron, but he started dating Gigi Hadid just days later. Her conversation with Weber was the last attempt to address the residual emotions of her season, and Brown left heartbroken once again. Given her rough experience, Brown might be done dating in Bachelor Nation. During her Instagram Live, she told fans that she had no plans to appear on Bachelor in Paradise later this year. However, she did state that she’d be open to taking over Chris Harrison’s position, or just being a TV host in general.

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Brown’s recent statements officially close the chapter on her relationship with Pilot Pete. While fans were holding out hope that the couple might reunite, it’s obvious that their recent conversation on The Bachelor was more an ending than a beginning. Since Weber was essentially Brown’s third choice, it’s probably a good thing that he turned her down. Brown could use some time without a man by her side to sort through her complicated emotions and recover from the pain that accompanied her season. The single life might be the best option for this former Bachelorette.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Source: E! News

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