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#SocialMedia #Honest Oscar Movie Posters Reveal Hilarious Truths About Nominated Films #BB

“Honest Oscar Movie Posters Reveal Hilarious Truths About Nominated Films”

The Shiznit has posted its annual Honest Movie Posters in honor of the upcoming 2020 Oscars, and it’s guaranteed to amuse movie goers and movie snoozers alike. This year’s Academy Awards are stacked with promising candidates like 1917, Ford v Ferrari, Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Parasite, The Irishman, Little Women, Jojo Rabbit, and Marriage Story nominated for Best Picture. This is the second consecutive year that the Oscars will go off without a host. Kevin Hart was meant to host the 2019 Oscars; however, homophobic tweets resurfaced, and he stepped down from the title. Even though the Emmys suffered in ratings after joining in on the trend, head of ABC Karey Burke is confident going host-less will work again for the Oscars. The most disappointing aspect of the Oscars this year by far is that no female directors were nominated despite Greta Gerwig and Lulu Wang’s impeccable work on Little Women and The Farewell, respectively.

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The Golden Globes has already shed some light on how the critics view these movies. 1917 took home Best Dramatic Motion Picture despite how little buzz it received among audience and the media compared to more popular movies like Joker, The Irishman, and Marriage Story. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood won Best Comedic Motion Picture to no one’s surprise. Renowned Hollywood veterans Renée Zellweger and Joaquin Phoenix took home Best Dramatic Actor awards, while newcomers Awkwafina and Taron Egerton swept the comedic category.

Per tradition, The Shiznit has shared their annual Honest Oscar Posters, entitled, “If 2020’s Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth.” Check out the hilarious fake movie posters for JokerMarriage Story, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood below:

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Judging by the poster for Joker, The Shiznit thinks Arthur should’ve stuck to his day job. However, the movie has 11 Oscar nominations, proving the Academy disagrees. Meanwhile, the poster for Marriage Story shows that, in addition to teaching important life lessons, the film has also provided quality memes. Finally, the honest poster for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood pokes fun at director Quentin Tarantino’s desire to show off all the films he knows.

The Shiznit’s posters have not disappointed. The posters certainly take a blunt, British humor approach in roasting these films. The site has been gently mocking posters since 2010 and hopefully won’t stop anytime soon. Teasing these movies brings a sense of playfulness and takes some of the pressure off of this ultra competitive awards show. None of this year’s Oscar nominated films were left untouched.

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Source: The Shiznit

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