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“How WandaVision Is Setting Up Captain Marvel 2”

Marvel Studios will introduce a variety of elements in WandaVision that may directly set up the story for Captain Marvel 2. When it was first announced that Scarlet Witch and Vision would star in a Disney+ series, it was not known just how important it could be in setting up the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel has already confirmed that the show will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but that might not be the only future MCU film that WandaVision heavily sets up.

It was recently announced that Captain Marvel 2 is officially in development at Marvel Studios. Marvel is currently searching for a female director to helm the Brie Larson-led sequel ahead of a possible 2022 release date. But, they have already found a writer to tackle the script. Megan McDonnell is in negotiations to write Captain Marvel 2, and while she may not be a household name, her hiring comes on the heels of some experience in the MCU. McDonnell is one of the writers on WandaVision, and her work on the series must have impressed Marvel Studios to secure a highly anticipated tentpole film next.

News that McDonnell will work on Captain Marvel 2 comes on the heels of WandaVision having multiple connections to the franchise already: Captain Marvel scribe Jac Schaeffer is the showrunner for the series. Her work alongside McDonnell gives WandaVision an extra piece of connectivity to the female-led MCU franchise. Now that McDonnell is set to work on the sequel, details for the show now could be viewed as intentional pieces of set up for a future Carol Danvers story that McDonnell is already familiar with. So, here are all the ways WandaVision could set up Captain Marvel 2.

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One way that WandaVision could set up the events of Captain Marvel 2 is through the introduction of SWORD. The space-oriented organization is confirmed to be part of the show thanks to set photos. A building with the SWORD logo was featured on set with Monica Rambeau present, but more on her later. This appears to be paying off Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s credits scene that showed Nick Fury in a space station with Skrulls. The shape-shifting aliens were first introduced in Captain Marvel and became allies of Carol, but the movie also served as Fury beginning to understand that he needs to look beyond Earth for potential threats. It is unknown what role SWORD plays in WandaVision, but the formation of it could prove to be vital to Captain Marvel 2.

There is so far no confirmation that SWORD will be in Captain Marvel 2, but WandaVision establishing it a few years before the film makes it appear more likely. Carol has been reunited with Fury after Avengers: Endgame, so he could easily let her know what he’s been up to recently. After all, Carol cooperated with Fury and SHIELD in her last MCU adventure and could do the same now but with SWORD. It’s possible that Carol could be a member of the cosmic organization alongside her old friend and effectively serve as Fury’s newest superpowered Captain. SWORD could not only potentially provide backup for Carol or send her out on missions, but it could also become somewhat of a home for the former Air Force pilot. And, given the friendly relationship she has with the Skrulls, SWORD could serve as a home for them as well.

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Speaking of SWORD, it appears that it could be the entry point for the adult Monica Rambeau to enter WandaVision‘s story. Audiences were previously introduced to Monica in Captain Marvel, but the film’s 1995 setting means that it’s been nearly 30 years in the MCU since she’s been seen. Marvel previously announced that her second MCU appearance would age her up quite a bit, as she is no longer a child in WandaVision. Teyonah Parris has been confirmed to play the adult version of Monica in WandaVision, and set photos have indicated that she might even be an agent for SWORD. What is not known is if Monica has already received her powers or if that transformation has yet to come.

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In any case, WandaVision will do some of the heavy lifting that can allow adult Monica to also appear in Captain Marvel 2. The sequel is confirmed to be in the present day of the MCU – which is roughly 2024 thanks to Spider-Man: Far From Home. This will allow Marvel Studios to bring the great comic friendship between Carol and Monica to the screen if they choose. That dynamic may be somewhat different in the MCU since Carol was best friends with Monica’s mom Maria, but they already have a friendly/familial relationship as a result. With WandaVision bringing Monica closer to her superhero days, it would be quite surprising for her not to be part of Captain Marvel 2 on some level. And if she is working with SWORD, then Monica could be someone who is either in charge of Carol or vice versa.

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The final way that WandaVision could set up storylines for Captain Marvel 2 is through the rumored appearance of Hulkling. The Young Avengers member in the comics known as Teddy Altman is a half-Kree/half-Skrull. He will reportedly be seeking protection from SWORD in WandaVision, which is an intriguing detail on its own given his lineage in the comics; he’s the son of Mar-Vell and a Skrull princess. While Hulkling’s backstory is not confirmed to be the same in the MCU, his dual lineage has previously been at the center of some conflict between the Kree and Skrulls. WandaVision may not touch on the alien politics too much, but that is something perfect for Captain Marvel 2 to explore.

The first film already centered around the ongoing war between the Kree and Skrulls, but the emergence of Hulkling could potentially reignite such conflict. Although the Skrulls are mostly peaceful and the Kree empire defeated, the Skrulls are at least keeping an eye on the Kree. A prime example of this comes in Spider-Man: Far From Home when Talos – disguised as Nick Fury – mentions that there are Kree sleeper cells and that this is supposed to be top secret information. SWORD and their Skrull friends potentially housing a Kree could finally pay off Ronan’s threat from the end of Captain Marvel that the Kree would return to Earth. At the very least, Hulkling could serve as an entry point for Captain Marvel 2 to explore the fallout of the previous Kree/Skrull war, especially if he lived through it.

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These are just the ways that WandaVision could set up Captain Marvel 2 that we know of now. If all of these elements are part of the set up for Carol Danvers’ sequel, then the Disney+ show will undoubtedly include additional pieces of information that add more context to these connections. With WandaVision now slated to begin streaming this year, it won’t be too long before these potential details are confirmed and Captain Marvel 2‘s story crystalizes.

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