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“It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Every Sequel Episode, Ranked”

Every episode of a TV series (apart from the pilot) is technically a sequel, following on from the previous episode. But TV shows occasionally come out with episodes that directly follow on from the plot of another episode. In It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the sequel episodes occasionally even have numbered sequel titles.

With running jokes spanning several seasons and characters who refuse to change, It’s Always Sunny has done more sequel episodes than the average sitcom. Sometimes, the writers will give an episode a sequel because they have more to say about a certain topic. Other times, it’s because the previous episode left plot threads hanging. So, here is Every Always Sunny Sequel Episode, Ranked.

8 Dee Day

The most recent season of It’s Always Sunny brought us a sequel to “Mac Day,” this time focusing on the day where the Gang has to do everything Dee wants to do. Since it involved racist caricatures, this episode felt a little uncomfortable. And what’s worse is that there was no satirical purpose for it.

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The Gang’s “days” open up the possibility for three more sequel episodes. There’s every chance that, over the next 20 or so seasons of It’s Always Sunny (Rob McElhenney recently pledged to keep the show going “forever” if the fans keep watching), we’ll see episodes called “Frank Day,” “Dennis Day,” and (this “coincidence” is probably where they got the premise from in the first place) “Charlie Day.”

7 Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare

When Mac got fired by Dennis’ alter ego and Charlie got fired by Frank in “Frank’s Back in Business,” the two went into business together with Fight Milk, the world’s first alcoholic, milk-based energy drink. They pitched it to Frank’s board of directors, who were all then promptly fired, so it seemed as though they’d given up on the idea.

However, in “Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare,” it was revealed that Frank had been selling the drink through his shell corporation Frank’s Fluid’s, and it had become popular among UFC fighters (because it makes them throw up in time to make weight). This B-plot doesn’t have much forward momentum, but cameos from UFC fighters Donald Cerrone and Paul Felder are a lot of fun.

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6 Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo

After the Gang’s homemade board game Chardee MacDennis became a fan-favorite plot point, the writers of It’s Always Sunny opened their eleventh season with a sequel called “Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Whereas in the first “Chardee MacDennis,” the Gang just played the game, in the sequel, they’re trying to wow a board game executive – and they’ve added a few new rules and rounds.

The episode takes a couple of dark turns and the final moments, in which the Waitress is given free rein to berate Charlie, are particularly brutal, as the poor, heartbroken kid ends up in the hospital.

5 The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies’ Reboot

In a meta response to female-led reboots of franchises like Ghostbusters and Ocean’s Eleven, It’s Always Sunny redid the season 10 premiere “The Gang Beats Boggs” with all the show’s female characters. Artemis, Gail the Snail, Mrs. Mac, Bonnie Kelly, and the Waitress all got bigger roles than they usually get, shining in the extra screen time, while Dee anchors the whole episode as she gets increasingly frustrated with the all-female reboot she’s trying to orchestrate.

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The episode’s meta moments are the funniest, like Frank showing up and insisting that every all-female reboot needs a cameo appearance by a male from the original.

4 Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer

After Charlie pretended to have cancer in the season 1 episode “Charlie Has Cancer,” his mom pretended to have cancer in the season 8 episode “Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer.” In each instance, they had a different reason to do it: Charlie did it in a futile attempt to gain some sympathy and attention from the Waitress; Bonnie did it to raise funds to fix the church fountain, which she and Mrs. Mac accidentally destroyed with their car.

“Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer” isn’t a particularly amazing episode of It’s Always Sunny, but Sean Combs as Dr. Jinx is a particularly amazing guest appearance.

3 McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century

In “The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre,” Bill Ponderosa drugged the milk at his sister’s wedding with bath salts, causing the McPoyles to go on a rampage and Liam to lose an eye. In the sequel to this episode, “McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century,” Bill stands trial for his actions.

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From Frank bringing a bag full of drugs into the courtroom to Dee committing perjury on the stand to Charlie trying to communicate with a bird, there are plenty of hilarious moments in this episode. And the final sting that the Gang is involved in the next trial, starting the nightmarish cycle all over again for the poor judge (played by Die Hard’s Reginald VelJohnson), is brilliant.

2 Gun Fever Too: Still Hot

Having briefly covered the gun issue in season 1’s “Gun Fever,” in which the Gang buys a gun following a robbery at Paddy’s, the writers of It’s Always Sunny felt the need to reopen the discussion in season 9. By then, gun violence had become an even more prominent political issue, and the debate surrounding it had shifted.

In “Gun Fever Too: Still Hot,” the Gang finds reasons both for and against gun ownership, and learn that no matter what people are getting riled up about, it’s all very likely to be part of a ploy by “dupers” like Frank to exploit you.

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1 The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6

“The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 6” is a sequel to the episode “Dee Reynolds: Shaping America’s Youth.” In the first installment, Dee’s drama students watched the Gang’s homemade Lethal Weapon sequel, Lethal Weapon 5, at Paddy’s.

In the sequel, we find that the Gang has jumped the gun on making Lethal Weapon 6. It isn’t finished, and due to creative differences with Frank, Charlie, Dennis, and Mac are having to shop it around potential investors. This framing device just serves to show us clips from Lethal Weapon 6, which is an even more hysterical parody of the jazz-infused buddy cop franchise than the Gang’s Lethal Weapon 5 was.

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