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#SocialMedia #Julianne Hough Husband Brooks Laich Is ‘Prioritizing Pleasure’ Amid Separation Rumors #BB

“Julianne Hough Husband Brooks Laich Is ‘Prioritizing Pleasure’ Amid Separation Rumors”

Dancing with the Stars pro and America’s Got Talent judge, Julianne Hough’s husband Brooks Laich has revealed that this year he’s decided to “prioritize pleasure.” This is coming at an interesting time as there have been rumors that the two have been giving each other space to work on their relationship. The Dancing with the Stars pro and the former pro hokey player have yet to address their problems in public as they work through their issues in private.

The famous couple met back in 2015 have been married for two years but in the last couple of months there have been rumors that the couple is struggling to hold it together. Hough has been known to be a very independent being after getting her big break as a dancing professional. The dancer’s free spirit attitude has been tough for Laich who is said to be less outgoing. Hough also recently opened up about her sexual fluidity, saying that once she told her husband her true self their relationship became stronger. The two have also been very open about their struggle to become pregnant and choosing to go through invitro fertilization.

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Earlier this month, E! revealed that Laich and Hough were going through a transition period in their relationship. A source revealed that the Canadian hockey player and his dancing wife were taking time to be apart as they decide on their next steps. Even though the couple seemingly is still married, the athlete decided to open up about his sex life during a podcast episode of How Men Think. During the Q&A co-host, Gavin DeGraw asked Laich if he was good in bed to which he replied, “I don’t know.”

The hockey player expressed to listeners that one of his main goals for the New Year was to learn more about his sexuality saying, “People think that sexuality is just the act of sex, of just having sex. There’s so much more to it.” The podcast host explained that he had studied hockey, athletics, training, and nutrition and felt that it was time to properly study sex. Laich followed up his speech with a personal question for his listeners, asking them if they felt that they are fully expressed in their sexuality with their partners, hinting at possible trouble in paradise with his Dancing With The Stars wife, when he said that himself was not.

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While the NHL star sounded a bit preachy to most, he concluded he episode by saying that he was excited to go on the journey to figure out who he was and gain a better knowledge of his sexuality. While Laich is aiming to put pleasure first, many followers believe he should be putting his wife first and not letting their relationship fall to the wayside just to learn how to become better at the act of sex.

Source: E!

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