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#SocialMedia #Justice League: Snyder Cut Poster Shared By Director Featuring Darkseid #BB

“Justice League: Snyder Cut Poster Shared By Director Featuring Darkseid”

Darkseid graces a Justice League Snyder Cut poster shared by Zack Snyder himself. Kicking off Warner Bros’ comic book movie franchise via 2013’s Man of Steel with Henry Cavill, Snyder was the primary architect of the DCEU for quite a while. In 2016, he introduced Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and was on track to spearhead the universe’s first culminating movie in 2018. However, difficult circumstances forced him to drop out of the project, paving the way for Joss Whedon’s entry.

To say that Justice League‘s production was tumultuous would be an understatement. Despite Snyder getting sole directorial credit, his original plan for the movie was substantially changed during reshoots and post-production. Shortly after the film released, it became apparent this was the case and the Release the Snyder Cut movement was born. The movement demands Warner Bros. to release the original cut of the movie with Junkie XL’s (the original composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) intended musical score. Now, even after two years, supporters of the campaign remain hopeful Warner Bros. will ultimately heed their demands, especially with Snyder’s backing.

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Over the last few months, the filmmaker become more vocal about his Snyder cut of Justice League. Corroborated by the people he worked with on the movie, more and more information about his intended story started to emerge online, including the significant role of Darkseid in the narrative. Given this, Snyder has shared a fan-made poster prominently featuring the villain on his official Vero account. The post also launches a competition for Justice League fans to create their own poster for the Snyder Cut. Check it out below:

The arrival of Darkseid in the DCEU had been teased as early as Batman V Superman, particularly during Lex Luthor’s (Jesse Eisenberg) warning to Batman regarding the villain’s impending arrival. Ray Porter was even cast as Darkseid for Justice League and he recently confirmed he shot all his scenes in the movie with Snyder. Sadly, like many other story elements, his role was entirely cut from the movie’s theatrical cut. While Darkseid wasn’t going to be very prominent in the narrative, his planned appearance in Justice League was going to be pivotal to its sequel, where he fully assumes the part of Snyder’s multi-film arc for the franchise.

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At this point, the Release the Snyder Cut movement is showing no signs of slowing down, primarily thanks to the relentless effort of its most ardent supporters. And Snyder is keeping the conversation alive, not just by releasing bits and pieces of information regarding his much-clamored for version of Justice League, but also trying to engage his fanbase with contests such as this latest one. However, Warner Bros. remains mum on the matter, even with the movement gaining the support of a lot of prominent industry people, including stars of Justice League like Gal Gadot and Affleck. Then again, if the campaign continues to thrive, the studio may not have a choice but to at least acknowledge the fans’ request for the Snyder cut of Justice League.

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