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“Players Must Confirm Final Fantasy VII Pre-Orders Soon Or Risk Losing Them”

The people who pre-ordered Final Fantasy VII Remake will now have to confirm their purchase, due to issues caused by the delay of the game. Final Fantasy VII Remake was originally slated to be released in March, but Square Enix confirmed that the game was delayed for over a month and will now be released in April, as it needs more polish.

Final Fantasy VII is one of several high-profile games that have been delayed in recent weeks. It seems that a lot of companies were nervous about releasing games in their current forms and the Final Fantasy VII Remake delay opened the floodgates, as games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Marvel’s Avengers were pushed back to later in the year. By comparison, the Final Fantasy VII Remake delay is actually pretty short when looking at the other delayed titles.

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The late delay of Final Fantasy VII Remake has led to issues regarding the pre-orders for the game. As of the time of writing, Final Fantasy VII Remake is only available for PlayStation 4, and the people who pre-ordered the game from the Square Enix store in the United States of America will need to opt-in if they want to keep their order. According to a statement on the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Facebook page, the people who pre-ordered the game will receive an email from Square Enix they must respond to, as it will send them to a web page that will allow them to confirm their order. The people who don’t do this by February 28 will automatically have their pre-order canceled.

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The pre-order issue only affects those from the USA who pre-ordered the game from the Square Enix store, but the people who ordered it from other stores or who are from different countries should follow up on their own orders. The delay of Final Fantasy VII Remake was a relatively last-minute move, but the game wasn’t pushed back too far, so it’s possible that other stores could also have mix-ups with their pre-orders.

The short delay of Final Fantasy VII Remake is a good thing if it means that the game will be a higher-quality product at launch. It’s just a shame Square Enix waited so close to the release date to announce it. The hands-on demos of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the trailers released of the game suggested that it was close to completion and it seems even Square Enix itself was caught off guard by how much work still needed to be done on the game.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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