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“PS5 Exclusive From Bluepoint Games Wants To Set A Next-Gen Visual Benchmark”

Bluepoint Games’ upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive title will reportedly set the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming consoles, according to the company’s website. Set for a 2020 holiday release, the PS5 is the newest in Sony’s long line of popular gaming consoles and is planned to feature controllers with haptic feedback and some sort of solid state hard drive. Anticipation for the PlayStation 5 is high, with Sony dev kits rumored to already have been distributed to many high-profile game development companies.

One such company which has already publicly admitted to be working on a new PlayStation 5 title is Bluepoint Games, who have said in the past they are working on something big for Sony’s upcoming console. Although the exact details of Bluepoint Games’ project have still not yet been announced to the public, specific wording on their website has led many people to believe they truly are working on something worthy of the next-gen label.

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According to Bluepoint Games, their company is currently working on a title which will is both the largest in the company’s history and also “aims to define the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming hardware.” With titles that already look as good as they do today, this is surely a high claim, but Bluepoint Games seems confident in their assertion.

Right now, players aren’t even sure which title Bluepoint Games is currently working on. Although they know it’s something presumably spectacular for the PlayStation 5, they don’t know whether it will be another HD remaster like Bluepoint has done in the past for games like Shadow of the Colossus or something with one of their own original IPs, like the long-rumored sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Whatever the game is, it is almost certain to be a part of the PlayStation 5 launch title lineup, a list which will almost undoubtably be released later this year.

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Although player excitement surrounding a new generation of consoles is always high, it’s always the games themselves which make or break a system in the eyes of the public. Until Sony’s new console releases a definitive list of available launch titles, and, even more importantly, shows off official gameplay footage from their new hardware, it will be hard for some people to decide whether spending the money on a new console is worth it. Hopefully, such new looks at the PlayStation 5 will arrive soon, even if Sony isn’t attending E3 this year.

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