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#SocialMedia #Schitt's Creek: 10 Questions We Need Answered Before The Series Ends #BB

“Schitt’s Creek: 10 Questions We Need Answered Before The Series Ends”

Schitt’s Creek is ending on a high note, with its sixth and final season currently airing on Pop TV, and coming to Netflix soon after. The Canadian comedy series, created by hilarity icons Eugene Levy and his son Dan Levy (who both star in it) has ended up becoming the most popular as it’s about to wrap. Many fans have only just caught up with the Rose family, who lost their fortune and were forced to move to the rural countryside, but have cheered, cried, and laughed along with their struggles leading up to Season 6.

Not all series are able to conclude on their own terms, tying up loose ends and storylines in a way that satisfies their fandom. And fans will be anxiously waiting to see whether or not Schitt’s Creek tends to their most pressing concerns. We’re sad to see the series end, but here are 10 questions we need answered before it does.

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10 When’s The Wedding?

David and Patrick’s touching relationship went to the next level in Season 5, when Patrick proposed to a bewildered David on top of a scenic ridge. Anyone who has charted the roller-coaster of their romance knows that becoming comfortable with his sexuality was as easy for Patrick as it was for David to become at ease with his emotions.

Going into Season 6, the details of the big day have yet to be decided. Actor Dan Levy himself has said David and Patrick will get the “happily ever after” fans want to see. Throw in David’s family, a dash of crazy Schitt’s Creek locals, and a pinch of his social anxiety, and it’s going to serve up one of the season’s major highlights.

9 Is Stevie Ever Getting Out Of Schitt’s Creek?

When the Roses first moved to Schitt’s Creek, they had a wary relationship with motel owner Stevie Budd. Her misanthropic mood often reflected her distaste for people despite working in customer service, but an unlikely friendship soon developed due to her sarcastic banter with David.

Moira eventually recognized that Stevie didn’t need to be stuck behind the desk, and persuaded her to play the lead in her production of “Cabaret”. It was the first time Stevie felt like she was meant for something bigger. While every other character seems to be growing in new directions, will Stevie finally get the guts to move out of her small town?

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8 Will Johnny Franchise The Rosebud Motel?

Over five seasons, the Roses have become more integrated into Schitt’s Creek by their commitment to the Schitt’s Creek Motel, now the Rosebud Motel under Johnny Rose’s co-ownership with Stevie. He’s found a new purpose with the improvement of the establishment, but his end plan may have been changed.

Originally, he planned to fix up the motel to increase his chances of selling Schitt’s Creek. After having become so ingrained in communal life, will he leave once it’s done? Will he franchise it? He once owned one of the largest video store chains in the country, so if anyone can expand the Rosebud Motel brand, it’s Johnny Rose the Video King.

7 When’s Twyla Finding Romance?

While everyone else has paired off in Schitt’s Creek, one person seems to get left out; Twyla from the Cafe Tropical. The perpetually perky proprietor is always willing to serve up some sage advice with her surprise smoothies but never seems to take her own.

She’s always willing to help make Johnny and Moira’s anniversary dinner romantic, or host Alexis’s Singles Week events, or orchestrate a date for David and Patrick, but Twyla has yet to find true love, and there’s no one more deserving of it.

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6 What’s Going To Happen To Moira’s Film Career?

At the end of Season 5, Moira’s triumphant return to the big screen was put on hold when she found out that “The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening” wasn’t going to get distribution. Will it be permanently shelved in Season 6, or will Moira’s film career get a resurrection?

Season 5 saw her spark come back with her production of “Cabaret” at the community theater, and her appearances on the soap opera actor convention circuit. But while her family is being given opportunities to put down roots in Schitt’s Creek, Moira may be more determined than ever to leave it in pursuit of more glamorous horizons.

5 Will The Roses Ever Sell The Town?

What began as a gag gift for David on his birthday has become an enriching enterprise for the Roses as they transform Schitt’s Creek. Bringing their big-city sensibilities into the quirky community has given it a much-needed injection of class and culture.

The communal facelift started out as a means to tantalize future buyers so that the Roses could get back to their luxurious lifestyles, but potential buyers have always managed to drop out at the last minute (one literally slipped into a coma). Will they ever sell the town, or will Schitt’s Creek really become their home?

4 Will Rose Apothecary Last?

In the several years he’s been living in Schitt’s Creek, David has transformed from being an anxious fashion snob who hid his feelings behind his sarcasm into a brand manager who owns his own business. Rose Apothecary brings artisan self-care accouterments to a town whose citizens can’t even pronounce the word.

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Though he has a great business and life partner in Patrick, is that sort of shop something that can survive in Schitt’s Creek? There are seldom any customers in it, and the ones that do come in end up either stealing his product ideas or straight up stealing his products.

3 When Will David Move In With Patrick?

While Patrick and David have looked at apartments together, they ultimately opted for Patrick to rent an apartment alone, because moving in together was too big of a step. David still spent the majority of his nights sharing a room with his sister at the Rosebud Motel.

But surely with a wedding on the horizon, they’ll want to move in together? And if David doesn’t move into that specific apartment with Patrick, will they find something else? A rustic cottage maybe that David could get featured in Homes and Garden’s instagram?

2 Will Alexis Join Ted Studying Turtles?

In Season 4, the timing was finally right for lovable socialite-turned-community organizer Alexis and animal-pun-loving vet Ted to get together. Season 5 changed the dynamic of their new relationship when Ted was offered an opportunity to study turtles in the Galapagos Islands.

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Alexis puts Ted’s dreams before her personal desires and bids him farewell on his trip, telling him she’ll join him soon after he arrives. By the trailer for Season 6, it looks like Alexis is still in Schitt’s Creek. Does she ever join Ted? Does their relationship last? Did Twyla’s tarot reading put some bad juju on the whole thing?

1 Will The Roses Split Up?

Since moving into the Rosebud Motel, the Roses have all relied on each other to improve their situation, and the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the loss of their family fortune turned out to be a blessing in disguise. With all their lives going in new directions, will the Roses finally split up and go their separate ways?

Alexis may join Ted on his turtle research trip. David and move in with Patrick. That would leave Johnny and Moira, and surely after years of living in a motel room, they’d want a place of their own. They’ve gotten each other through so much, will Season 6 finally see them flourish on their own?

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