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#SocialMedia #Seinfeld: 5 Reasons Why Jerry And Elaine Should Have Ended Up Together (& 5 Why They Shouldn't) #BB

“Seinfeld: 5 Reasons Why Jerry And Elaine Should Have Ended Up Together (& 5 Why They Shouldn’t)”

Throughout Seinfeld, Jerry and Elaine have provided us with two opposing thoughts: they should have ended up together and that they should stay friends. Elaine and Jerry couldn’t live without each other, but we are talking strictly in platonic terms. Yet, they provided each other with solace, comfort, and went overboard in times of emergencies.

The fact that none of them found their life partners by the end of nine seasons only provides boost to the claim that they were meant to be. In other words, we expressly hear Jerry say, “Elaine just wasn’t the one.”

Today we count five reasons why Jerry and Elaine should have ended up together, and five why they shouldn’t have.

10 Just Friends: Platonic Relationship

Seeing Jerry and Elaine together may have bamboozled a whole lot of people. It’s not everyday you see two exes become such great friends. Jerry explains their situation by going over Plato’s platonic relationship. In “Male Unbonding” we see Elaine for the first time, hanging out at Jerry’s apartment. The scene establishes great friendship between the two. Thanks to Joel Hornick,  we learn that Elaine and Jerry split up but are still good friends. There truly isn’t anything more than platonic relationship between the two. They argue like friends, and cover up for each other.

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9 Together: Jerry Didn’t Block Out The Entire Time They Were Together

The first season of Seinfeld told us about Jerry and Elaine’s history. It also gave us a one sided story of why Jerry and Elaine didn’t take. But of course, we only heard Jerry’s story. Though him saying, Elaine just wasn’t the one sounded a little harsh at the time. But in “The Stakeout,” Jerry makes a sweet admission.

The two of them are in a video store, Elaine finds an adult tape a funny gift for her friend, Pamela’s birthday. Jerry is unable to recall who Pamela is, making Elaine go, “Have you totally blocked out the entire time we were a couple?” In that moment Jerry is instantly able to recall who Pamela is. A strong base of friendship, followed by knowing what it was like being a couple, why couldn’t the two of them just work it out?

8 Just Friends: Intimacy To Save The Friendship

In “The Mango,” Elaine, Jerry, and George pick up a conversation about faking orgasms. Elaine makes the admission to faking it during her time together with Jerry. This admission isn’t something most people would be comfortable to make in front of an ex, and the ease that Jerry and Elaine share only exemplifies their solid friendship.

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Now obviously, Jerry doesn’t take this admission in his stride. He constantly asks Elaine to give him another shot. Elaine does worry that it would ruin their friendship. This is followed by more bickering and two of them almost end their friendship. In the end, Elaine agrees to Jerry’s demand by saying, “We have to have sex to save the friendship.”

7 Together: Unresolved Feelings

 Through the course of nine seasons, it’s obviously clear that Jerry and Elaine have unresolved feelings for each other. They come to the surface in the form of jealousy and anger, from time to time. Jerry is occasionally jealous of the guys that Elaine is seeing, more so when she makes an innocent comparison in “The Busboy.” Jerry laughs at Elaine’s date Ed, saying he’s from the town of Yakima, when he was actually from Seattle. In others, Jerry gets really territorial if Elaine mentions her date is funny. Funny is all Jerry has!

Elaine on the other hand, goes an extra mile and leaves a message with Jerry’s parents. In “The Stakeout”, Jerry describes his and Elaine’s situation as complicated to his parents. He says, “There’s still some tension there.” Elaine expresses her resentment towards Jerry’s whole Art Vandelay act at Sagman, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim, and Taff. It is important to mention that Jerry cared for the tone of Elaine’s voice in the end, not how she was taking the whole thing.

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6 Just Friends: Accompany Each Other As Friends

One of the things that exes don’t do is accompany each other to social gatherings after they have broken up. If it’s a mutual social event that they attend, they go separate and side-eye each other, all the time. Or, they bring a date and try to make each other jealous. But that’s not the case with Elaine and Jerry.

5 Together: Knew The Terrain

Jerry and Elaine knew each other very well. They knew far too many things about each other: likes, dislikes, peeves, and almost everything that there is to know about your partner. Their physical chemistry got better with time. In “The Deal”, they half-heartedly rekindle their romance.

4 Just Friends: Decide Their Future Course Of Action

Jerry and Elaine date many people, throughout the series. Good ones and bad ones, both included. They do all of this while strengthening their friendship. Both of them realized how important their friendship was, and took it more seriously than the people they were dating. So they don’t let anything come in between them.

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The show sells us their friendship by establishing a future course of action, early on. In the “The Stakeout”, they both agree that they have a problem and if they are to stay friends, they gotta be able to talk about other people. They stick to the rules mostly, breaking a few in some of the instances.

3 Together: Elaine Wants This, And That, And The Other

In the “The Deal,” Elaine speaks her heart out, saying she wants them to be friends, she wants the physical activity and the romance too. She says that she just cannot go back to being to being friends. Lainey is far too important for Jerry, so he says that she’s entitled. Jerry fears a future in which he bumps into Elaine on the street with her husband, and the thought of it, immediately incites him to want to kill her husband. He decides to call her instantly, saying, “This is it.” and “She is as it as you get.”

2 Just Friends: No Physical Chemistry

If two people don’t have physical chemistry, there is no scope for them to end up together. In “The Stakeout” when Jerry’s mother asks him how come nothing materialized between him and Elaine, he says, it’s a tough thing to answer, and that they’d fight a lot for some reason. But get this: there was a problem with the physical chemistry too. Jerry also admits that the lack of physical chemistry wasn’t just one sided. The point is reiterated later when Elaine says she faked having a good time with Jerry, the latter being completely oblivious to him.

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1 Together: They Always Loved Each Other

In the finale of the series, Kramer’s little hopping adventure on a plane, leads to a flying mishap. The four of them think they are going to die. In that moment, Elaine and Jerry almost confess to each other their feelings. Elaine says there’s something she wants Jerry to know. To which Jerry responds by saying there’s something he wants Elaine to know too. “Jerry I’ve always…” she stops as the plane straightens out. Elaine almost confessed her love to Jerry. People don’t lie under these circumstances, people certainly feel the need to get things off their chest. They always loved each other. They just didn’t say it, yet.

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