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“Sex Education: 10 Best Characters From Season 2”

The second season of Sex Education is now available to stream on Netflix. The touching and sometimes outrageous show continues the story arcs of its characters whilst also introducing a new dynamic of people to the narrative. Otis and Maeve continue to dance around their feelings for each other whilst the teenagers tackle issues involving sexuality and relationships.

Every character in Sex Education matures during the show’s second season. The series continues to address the realities of growing up in a funny and nuanced way that allows each character to grow. Here are the ten best characters from season two of Sex Education.

10 Adam Groff

Adam spent the majority of Sex Education’s first season as a bully who made life unbearable for Eric. Season two sees Adam undergo a sort-of redemption arc as he finds acceptance at military school, loses it and learns to make amends with the people in his life.

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Adam’s friendship with Ola is one of the highlights of season two. Both teenagers learn about their sexuality, with Adam coming out as bisexual and Ola discovering she is pansexual. Adam grows and matures in season two and his reunion with Eric is heart-warming.

9 Aimee Gibbs

Aimee ditched the popular clique in the season one finale for Maeve and their friendship helps her overcome some serious issues in season two. Aimee is assaulted on the bus and struggles to cope afterward, but Maeve and the other girls from Moordale help her conquer her trauma in an inspiring depiction of female solidarity.

Aimee is one of the show’s most endearing and likable characters. Watching her rediscover her empowerment is liberating and she often provides some of Sex Education’s funniest quips.

8 Ola Nyman

Ola has a bigger role in the second season of Sex Education and it is refreshing to see her character at the forefront of the show. Her relationship with Otis is understandably awkward, but her romance with Lily and friendship with Adam are two of the show’s most touching relationships.

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Ola is a self-assured character who shows great maturity and insight in season two. Her struggles throughout the show are relatable and it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Lily progresses.

7 Eric Effiong

Eric could easily be considered the star of this Netflix show. He was one of the most likable characters in the first season and the second season continues to handle his arc with sensitivity and depth. Eric is comfortable with who he is in season two and his confidence is inspiring.

Eric has a romantic fling with the new student Rahim, though it becomes apparent that he is not over Adam. Eric and Adam rekindle their romance after Adam is kicked out of military school and their story culminates with Adam declaring his love for Eric in front of the school.

6 Maureen Groff

One of the most surprising but welcome storylines in Sex’s Education’s second season was the emancipation of Adam’s mother Maureen. After befriending Jean and asking for advice regarding her marital issues, Maureen accepts that she is no longer satisfied with her husband. Adam’s parents’ divorce and Maureen flourishes without Mr. Groff.

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Maureen’s friendship with Jean is another welcome show of female friendship. It is refreshing to see Sex Education tackle the stories of its older characters as well as the struggles of Moordale’s students.

5 Jackson Marchetti

Jackson’s character is a welcome deconstruction of the ‘jock’ stereotype. Season one focused primarily on his relationship with Maeve, but in season two Jackson confronts his feelings and struggles with a self-harm problem whilst performing in a school musical and forging new friendships.

Jackson strikes up an unlikely friendship with Viv in season two and their relationship is another refreshing addition to the story. Additionally, his character grows as he leaves swimming behind him and reconciles with his parents.

4 Lily Iglehart

Lily is one of the funniest characters in Sex Education. Her honesty is commendably brave and her journey throughout the show is both hilarious and relatable. In season two, Lily becomes friends with Ola before their relationship progresses. The season concludes with Lily and Ola together after an eventful showing of Lily’s adaption of Romeo & Juliet.

Lily’s character is unabashed and outrageous. Her confidence, like Eric’s, is inspiring and it is nice to see her find friends and romance in the show’s second installment.

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3 Maeve Wiley

Maeve is one of the most compelling characters in Sex Education. Her relationship with Otis is at the forefront of the show and, sadly, the two still don’t find love with each other in the season two finale. Maeve faces more tough challenges, including the reappearance of her mother and struggling with her self-worth.

Maeve’s arc is less centered around her relationships in season two but the tension between her and Otis is still one of the show’s most significant plot points. Time will tell if Maeve and Otis finally get together in a future installment.

2 Jean Milburn

Otis’ mother Jean was initially a bit unlikable and overbearing in season one. However, Sex Education’s second season humanizes Jean and makes her one of the show’s most relatable characters. Jean helps the students at Moordale and struggles with the issues in her life, including her increasingly strained with her son.

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Despite embarrassing Otis at times, Jean is generally an understandable character. Season two concludes with her discovering she is pregnant and viewers will have to wait until the next season to see if she reunites with Jakob.

1 Otis Milburn

Otis could be considered as the main character of Sex Education as he is at the forefront of the show’s narrative. In season two, Otis struggles with his feelings for Maeve as well as embracing his newfound sexuality. He shares a touching conversation with his father at the end of the season and shares an abrupt but surprisingly sweet fling with Ruby.

Otis makes mistakes but, like all of the students of Moordale, he is still young and has much to learn. Season two does an excellent job of portraying his learning process as he matures into adulthood.

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