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#SocialMedia #Sex Education: Ranking The Main Characters Into Their Hogwarts Houses #BB

“Sex Education: Ranking The Main Characters Into Their Hogwarts Houses”

Netflix’s Sex Education proved to be a heartwarming and hilarious show the first time around, and thankfully, the second season was even better. Focusing on a school in England and the students as they learn to deal with love both romantically and sexually for the first times.

The show provides some moments of pure comedic genius that will have you bursting with laughter, but it also tackles major issues head-on. The show has no problem with dealing with plots such as homosexuality or single parenting, and it does so in an insightful and sensitive manner.

The reason the show has been so well received is because of its diverse cast of characters, all them dealing with their own personal situations. Each character is incredibly unique, but what would happen if they crossed the magical world into Harry Potter?

10 Ola Nyman-Gryffindor

Being a Gryffindor might be at the top of everyone’s list, mainly because that is the house of Harry Potter himself, but those who enter this house normally have characteristics of every other house. However, the main thing that makes a Gryffindor what they are is being brave, adventurous, and full of courage.

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Ola certainly has all of these qualities. She’s brave enough to throw herself headfirst into a new school and try to make as many friends as possible, and courageous enough to commit to her true sexuality.

9 Aimee Gibbs-Hufflepuff

A Hufflepuffs number one characteristic is loyalty and patience, and Aimee Gibbs shows that in abundance throughout the series. She is a fiercely loyal friend to Maeve through whatever situation is happening, even when she is being a little rude at times.

Hufflepuff’s are also incredibly hard working, which sums up Aimee well. She might not be the brightest (or the best cook), but you can never fault her for trying and putting an effort in. In the second season, she goes through a very traumatic experience, and that’s when her loyalty to others pays off as they come back to help her.

8 Maeve Wiley-Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw’s are incredibly creative people, with Luna Lovegood being a prime example of that, and Maeve Wiley certainly falls into that category. She’s slightly out there and eccentric, and she really doesn’t care what other peoples opinions of her are.

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However, behind all of that is also an incredibly intelligent girl. Ravenclaw’s are known for being smart and Maeve ticks that box. She’s arguably the smartest girl in the school, hence why she does everyone’s homework for money and plays a key role in the school quiz team.

7 Adam Groff-Gryffindor

Adam Groff being a Gryffindor might come as a surprise to people considering that he is basically the school bully in the first season of the show. However, Adam is clearly just going through a tough time in his personal life at this stage, and he takes it out on others.

His aggression is a sign of being in this house, because Gryffindor’s can be known to lose their temper from time to time, which he does. However, in the final episode of the second season, he shows unbelievable bravery as he accepts his true self in front of the entire school and his father.

6 Ruby-Slytherin

Ruby is quite a harsh and rude character in the first season of Sex Education, but in the second season, we start to see a softer, more emotional side to her character. However, she is best suited to the Slytherin house, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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While Ruby can certainly be mean at times to other people, she tends to do that out of feelings she is dealing with personally. Her main Slytherin quality is the fact she is a leader, which she does very well amongst her little group of friends.

5 Dr. Jean Milburn-Ravenclaw

Dr. Jean Milburn is quite a complicated character and one that goes through quite the journey throughout both season one and two. However, one thing that remains clear about her personality is that she is incredibly creative, after all, how else would she get involved in the type of work she does?

Jean has an answer for everything it seems, and when she joins the school for work in the second season, she really shows even more of that creativity. She’s not just randomly doing the job though, she’s incredibly smart as well, another trait of a true Ravenclaw.

4 Eric Effiong-Gryffindor

Eric Effiong is one of the best characters in Sex Education, bringing tons of positivity to the show with his infectious personality, while also being part of some incredibly emotional and difficult plots. Because of that, Eric proves he would be a Gryffindor, mainly due to how brave he is.

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He is confident enough to come out to his friends and family, dress however he likes and be his true self in front of everyone. He may get bullied at times, but Eric doesn’t let that put him down, which is a true sign of bravery and determination.

3 Otis Milburn-Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff’s are often seen as being incredibly nice people, almost to a fault, and that sums up Otis Milburn to perfection. Few people are nicer than Otis on the show, as he spends all of his time attempting to help other people with his sex advice.

However, his niceness ends up becoming an issue for him, which is exactly what Ola tells him when he acts a fool at his own house party. Otis is also incredibly loyal though, as he shows at the end of season two, sticking up for his mother and desperately trying to patch things up with Maeve.

2 Lily Iglehart-Ravenclaw

Lily Iglehart is the perfect Ravenclaw which is highlighted by just how creative she is. Members of this house are known for that, and taking a look at the musical she creates for the end of Sex Education’s second season is a perfect example of that.

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However, she is clever as well, another trait of Ravenclaw. After all, she does come up with the musical and creates plenty of props, albeit slightly strange ones. She’s wise, funny, and creative and has quickly become a fan favorite on the show.

1 Mr Groff-Slytherin

When it comes to Sex Education having Slytherin’s, there is no doubt that Mr. Groff would take first prize. This house is known for being home to some of the more villainous witches and wizards, and that would be the same for humans as well.

While the Headmaster isn’t an outright horrible person, he certainly isn’t nice either. He has major anger issues and has neglected his wife to the point of separation. However, Slytherin’s are also powerful and are known to be leaders, and as the man in charge, he certainly ticks those boxes.

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