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#SocialMedia #Star Wars: 10 Cheesiest Quotes From The Prequel Trilogy #BB

“Star Wars: 10 Cheesiest Quotes From The Prequel Trilogy”

The Star Wars series has been an inconsistent affair between the three trilogies we’ve had in the Skywalker saga, as each of these collections of movies had a different tone. In the case of the prequel trilogy, the tone was mostly unintentionally comedic.

This was mainly due to the hilariously stilted dialogue, with almost all of it being cheesy stuff that, while making these quotes highly memorable, ended up causing fans not to take the films too seriously. In this list, we’ve included the lines that are considered lame, ridiculous, and funny for the most part. So, check out 10 of the cheesiest quotes in the Star Wars prequel films for a good laugh.

10 “It’s Over, Anakin. I Have The High Ground.”

This quote has transcended the Star Wars universe to now be used in any situation where someone makes a ridiculous claim. In the scene, Obi-Wan and Anakin were having an awesome fight, only for it to be interrupted when the former reached higher terrain.

Here, he suddenly seemed completely sure of his victory as he uttered this line. You won’t have any difficulties in finding a cooler quote before someone gains victory, with Obi-Wan bizarrely turned out to be right. As it happened, his “higher ground” claim really was true as he instantly won the next second.

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9 “It Ought To Be Here…But It Isn’t…”

One can do better in attempting to expand their universe than coming up with “Jedi archives,” and this itself was one of the lamest things to come out of the prequels. However, it was made even cheesier when Obi-Wan then attempted to ask Yoda for help in locating the planet Kamino.

Loading up a simulation of the solar system, he pointed toward a blank space and gave us this golden line, an astute observation of what was perfectly obvious.

8 “No!”

Darth Vader, one of the most feared figures in all of the Star Wars universe, threw what looked like a hissy fit all through the use of one word. After finding out that Padme had died, the expectation was that we’d see Darth Vader utter a solemn vow of revenge.

Instead, he threw his head back and belted out a long and elongated “No!” that was seemed almost like a parody of Darth Vader rather than the actual thing. It would’ve been better if he hadn’t said anything!

7 “I Don’t Like Sand. It’s Course And Rough And Irritating. And It Gets Everywhere.”

There was absolutely no way this mythical meme of a quote was escaping this list. Anakin’s style of romantic discourse involves steamy descriptions of sand, its texture, and where it’s capable of going (everywhere, apparently). Needless to say, our boy Anakin is likely never going to live this one down.

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He was lucky he had looks in his favor, as Anakin was obviously entirely clueless in the matters of love. As he trails on about the disadvantages of sand, it’s almost as if he’s forgotten that he’s talking to his awkward love interest to begin with.

6 “Power! Unlimited Power!

Darth Sidious scenes are a hit-and-miss affair, as you don’t know whether you’ll be getting the darker version of the character or the one that comes up with cheesy lines that bosses in video games would say during cutscenes.

We got the lame Darth Sidious on this occasion since, when he had Mace Windu on the ropes after Anakin attacked him, he started screaming about “Power!” and seemed to forget about the whole idea that Anakin wasn’t supposed to know that he was actually the bad guy. Instead, Sidious simply screamed about power like a generic villain even though he was hiding this fact.

5 “I Am The Senate.”

A reason why the prequels are considered lame was because the dialogue chose to go for grand declarations than actually making sense. Here, even when he was masquerading as Emperor Palpatine, this guy was a walking meme-factory.

After being confronted by Mace Windu that he was to be arrested, Palpatine scoffed at the idea of anyone capturing him, which was when he openly claimed that he was the senate. This was one of those lines which made you wonder if Palpatine spent a little spare time flicking through a book entitled “How to be a Supervillain for Dummies.

4 “From My Point Of View The Jedi Are Evil.”

Anakin’s stilted delivery of this awkwardly and naively phrased sentiment was hopeless before it even left his mouth. While there’s no doubt that the Battle on Mustafar was cool, this quote brought things back to being, well, par for the prequels.

This line on its lonesome practically sucked out all the intensity from the fight. It was as if he was making an argument during a high school debate, and it seemed Anakin didn’t figure the fact that they were fighting with lightsabers over a pit of lava didn’t articulate what his point of view was.

3 “Good, Anakin, Good…Kill Him. Do It!”

Being cheesy doesn’t mean we can’t like the quote, and here was a scene that was made hilarious due to Palpatine’s demeanor at the time. After Anakin had confronted Count Dooku and incapacitated him, Palpatine jovially gave his congratulations.

It was then that he switched from simply offering his greetings to ordering Anakin to kill Dooku, all the while retaining his happy nature. However, the cheesiest moment arrived when, after seeing Anakin hesitate, Palpatine told him to “do it,” which would make anyone laugh since those two words seemed to be enough to convince Anakin to behead another man.

2 “I Have Seen A Security Hologram Of Him…Killing Younglings.”

There’s no actor in the world who can make a line such as this sound top quality, and even Ewan McGregor seemed to be hiding a smile as he delivered this line due to its cheesiness.

It’s strange how Star Wars had children being called “younglings” instead of going for the common word, and pairing it up with something like “security holograms” was always going to result in unintentional comedy. There’s just no way around it.

1 “Believe Me, I Wish I Could Just… Wish Away My Feelings.”

It’s incredible how this line not only got written, but made it all the way past editing, to being uttered and ending up in the film itself. There were a bunch of other dopey lines from Anakin preceding this one, such as him being “tormented” by Padme, among others.

However, it’s the fact that he made the claim that makes this so funny, as it slipped by Anakin what the concept of making a wish was. And technically his first wish was answered, right? Perhaps he should’ve been happier. This quote proved once and for all how the relationship between Anakin and Padme was more comedic than romantic, thanks largely to the dialogue.

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