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„Star Wars: Last Jedi May Have Hinted At Finn’s Force Powers“

Star Wars: The Last Jedi might have hinted Finn was Force sensitive. As one of the new leads in the sequel trilogy, Finn went through quite a character arc over the course of three movies, transitioning from First Order deserter to Resistance general. In The Rise of Skywalker, it’s revealed Finn has the Force and he uses that ability at various points in the film. Most notably, „a feeling“ told Finn which ship to attack during the Battle of Exegol so he could deactivate the Final Order’s navigation tower (preventing Palpatine’s fleet from leaving the planet).

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Like other plot developments in The Rise of Skywalker (such as Rey Palpatine and the Emperor’s return from the dead), Finn’s Force sensitivity had little-to-no grounding in the previous sequel trilogy installments. Arguably, that made the twist come across as a little half-baked, but some fans are convinced The Rise of Skywalker was actually building off of something in The Last Jedi and the first clues of Finn’s power were highlighted a couple years ago.

Towards the end of The Last Jedi, there’s a scene where Rey lifts a large pile of rocks blocking the Resistance’s path out of the base on Crait. Watching it over again, some fans are theorizing that Finn unknowingly used the Force to move the rocks out of his way as he ran towards Rey. You can watch the scene in the space below:

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It’s a neat idea, but there are some holes in the hypothesis. One only has to look at the mounting evidence Lucasfilm didn’t have much of an overall plan in place for the sequel trilogy. Details about Colin Trevorrow’s version of Star Wars 9 came out earlier this month, and Finn has a completely different arc in it. Rather than discovering he’s Force sensitive (and attempting to tell Rey multiple times), Finn and Rose go on an important mission to Coruscant so they can activate a beacon and rally the galaxy’s citizens to join the Resistance’s cause. Based on what’s been revealed in Trevorrow’s script, there wasn’t any intention for Finn to have the Force during the earliest days of Star Wars 9’s development. Because of that, it’s difficult to say with any degree of certainty the aforementioned part in The Last Jedi was meant to hint at Finn’s abilities. Rian Johnson probably wasn’t planting that seed because he didn’t know where Star Wars 9 was going to go.

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With the Skywalker saga now complete and John Boyega seemingly ready to move on from the Star Wars franchise, it’s highly unlikely Finn’s Force sensitivity will be explored further on the big screen. That being said, there are other mediums where it could be developed, such as a novel or comic series. Kathleen Kennedy went on record shortly before The Rise of Skywalker’s premiere to say Lucasfilm is not going to abandon the new characters introduced in the sequel trilogy. The likes of Rey, Finn, and Poe Dameron became instant fan-favorites and are beloved among fans, so it would make sense to continue their stories in some capacity. There’d be interest in seeing Finn work with Rey and grow stronger, similar to the glimpses of Leia’s training under Luke viewers saw in The Rise of Skywalker.

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