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“Star Wars: Top 10 Ships From the Prequel Trilogy”

The Star Wars prequels are often regarded as inferior when compared to the original and new trilogy, mainly because of some bad acting, scriptwriting and heavy CGI. But for some, the prequels are nothing but nostalgia as fans grew up loving them as part of their childhood.

Not only that but the prequels brought to life some unused ship model concepts from the original trilogy that turned out to be a success. From the Republic Gunships to the Naboo Starfighters, the prequels are filled with some amazing-pre-empire vehicles that had fans hooked. With that, here are the top 10 ships from the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


Commonly known as the Republic Gunship, the LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) was extremely effective in its transport and weapon capabilities, carrying troops in and out of hotspots. In the Battle of Geonosis, these ships refueled the front lines and managed to take out the Techno Union Ships. They’re pretty impressive, to say the least.

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Not only that, but they were made even more famous by their funny art and memorable pilots from the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, whose new season comes out this year.

9 Jedi Starfighter

There are two variants of the Jedi Starfighter, but this list will look at the type from Attack of the Clones simply because of its unique design. The triangular ship’s sleek look allows for quick maneuvers while doing a good deal of damage to enemies despite its small size.

What makes these starfighters even more interesting is their force-sensitive controls. Since Jedi pilot these, most of the controls are operated through the use of the force. How do you think Darth Vader was never shot down in aerial combat?

8 General Grievous’s Ship

General Grevious is one of the most terrifying Star Wars villains, and his ship is equally as creepy. Known as the Soulless One, Grevious’s ship was developed by the Droid Army specifically for him.

However, because of General Grievous cowardly nature, its nickname became the Spineless One, coined by clone troopers who came close to capturing him. For such a fearsome warrior, his bark was worse than his bite.

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7 ARC 170 Starfighter

The ARC 170 (Aggressive ReConnaissance) starfighter was used by clone troopers during the Clone Wars. Similar in design to the X-Wings used by the rebel pilots, the ARC employs the same X-foil wing ability when engaging enemy fighters. Not only that but they played a similar role to the X-Wings as escorts of Y-Wing bombers during assaults.

These made their big-screen debut in Revenge of the Sith during the Battle of Coruscant. Fans were itching to see more clone pilots after the Battle of Geonosis which only featured ground battles. Turns out the clones are just as good in space as they are on the ground.

6 Naboo Royal Starship

The Maserati of starships, the Naboo Royal Starship was a Nubian class that was Queen Amidala’s escort vehicle. Although in The Phantom Menace it proved to be capable of much more than just escorting as it outran multiple Droid Control Ships with superior firepower.

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George Lucas is a car geek with a history of drag racing, hence the Pod Race seen in The Phantom Menace. However, the Naboo Royal Starship is a nod to the mustangs Lucas grew up working on and continues to love today.

5 Acclamator

This assault transport was the capital vehicle of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Similar to the LAAT, the Acclamator works both as a transport and an assault ship, capable of engaging separatists ships.

These Star Destroyer-Esque goliaths came to life in the second prequel entry, carrying troops to Geonosis where the Clone army would make their debut. Despite having little significance, these ships are reminiscent of the Empire’s star destroyers and are essentially the prequel to the much-feared later model.

4 Count Dooku’s Ship

Christopher Lee’s performance as Count Dooku was superb simply because of his calm demeanor despite being a sith lord. His sympathy towards Obi-Wan and respect for Qui-Gon Jinn makes him one of the more likable dark lords of the force. His ship carries just as much as respect as the man himself, the Solar Sailer. Dooku employs the ship’s defense capabilities to escape from Geonosis in Attack of the Clones with the front area creating a shield to prevent head-on collisions and attacks.

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This is one of the more surreal ship designs on this list, but creative seeing as Dooku made it Courscant in one piece.

3 Droid Tri-Fighter

The final entry in the prequel trilogy brought more separatist ships and kooky creations like buzz droids and tank droids, but the Tri-Fighter takes the gold amongst their fleet. Think of it as the TIE Interceptor of the Separatist fleet, relying on speed and agility to outmaneuver foes and track the enemy’s down without issue.

In the Battle of Coruscant, the Droid Tri-Fighter took down hundreds of ARC fighters leaving Anakin hesitant to carry on with his own mission to save the chancellor. On top of all this, these ships boast a scary face with angry eyes look directly into their prey.

2 Scimitar

Say what you want about The Phantom Menace, but Darth Maul was one of the coolest sith lords with his ship boasting a similar reputation. The Scimitar is specifically designed a hunting ship with similar capabilities to the Jedi Starfighter. Though there aren’t any force-sensitive controls, the ship goes by another name, The Sith Infiltrator.

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Maul’s ride was nothing short of intimidating as fans could only guess what he was capable of by the looks of his ship. It wasn’t until the conclusion fans learned his ship was just the tip of the iceberg.

1 Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Developed by the Theed Palace Space Vessell Engineering Corps, the N-1 Starfighter was the primary ship used by the royal fleet. Though primarily not a ship built for assaults, it’s mainly for security, defense and escorting royal members of the courts.

These made their first appearance in the heavily criticized Phantom Menance in the Battle of Naboo. Little Annie made his way into the power core of the Droid Control Ship in the N-1 and made his way out too, like father like son.

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