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#SocialMedia #Stardew Valley Selling 10 Million Copies Is Strange & Amazing, Says Creator #BB

“Stardew Valley Selling 10 Million Copies Is Strange & Amazing, Says Creator”

Creator of Stardew Valley, Eric Barone, sometimes known as ConcernedApe, says the news of his game selling 10 million copies is “strange and amazing.” Stardew Valley is a farm life simulation and role-playing game where players create their own characters to live on a farm they put together themselves using in-game features such as gardening, forging, and crafting. Players can interact with NPCs who reside in the town, with the ability to develop both friendships and romantic relationships with the townsfolk.

Much like many titles in the game’s main inspiration, the Harvest Moon series, the premise of Stardew Valley is that the player’s character’s grandfather leaves them his farm after he passes away. There are many elements in Stardew Valley regarding real life issues, such as overcoming anxiety, big corporations which threaten local consumers, alcoholism, homelessness, and more. Even with all of this, the game is ultimately peaceful, with many routines done in a routine day-to-day manner, such as watering plants and petting farm animals in order to increase their happiness.

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Stardew Valley was created four years ago, almost entirely by Barone alone. In a recent message on Twitter, the creator expressed how overjoyed he was to see that his project had officially sold over 10 millions copies, and thanked Stardew Valley fans. He said it was both strange and amazing that his game had done so well in just four years. Check out the creator’s full message to fans below:

There are a total of 41 villagers in the game, which Barone designed all on his own, along with the town and creatures that all live within. The music in the game was also created by Barone and feeds into the atmosphere quite well, so much so that the soundtrack is also available (and quite popular) on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Barone’s expression of how he just made his game simply to make it, unsure of how the critics and players would feel about it, speaks to his dedication to the project.

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Barone seems almost baffled at the success of Stardew Valley, with his comments inherently implying he had never assumed it would achieve such a massive goal, especially since the entire project started off in his bedroom. Putting this all into perspective allows players to truly grasp the passion Barone had while developing this game and world, and with such a massive fanbase it is no wonder that Stardew Valley, which is currently available on almost all gaming platforms such as PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android devices, has achieved such an incredible sales milestone.

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