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#SocialMedia #Supernatural: 10 Most Shameless Things Lucifer Ever Did #BB

“Supernatural: 10 Most Shameless Things Lucifer Ever Did”

Supernatural‘s Lucifer is notable more for his sass than how terrifying he is. Yes, he has some scary powers, but his attitude and snark made fans love to see this villain on screen. Since he can’t care less about other people or doing the right thing, he’s done some seriously messed up things.

What’s more is that he does them with a smile. He enjoys being bad, and he’s especially proud of anything that spites his father or humans. He’s petty enough to smite someone over an unflattering comment and selfish enough to kill his own family for convenience. Here are some of his most shameless deeds.

10 Having A Child With An Unsuspecting Woman

As if possessing someone weren’t bad enough, Lucifer went the extra mile and impregnated someone who thought she was sleeping with her boyfriend. He also did this knowing that a child resulting from said union would kill her.

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In a weird case where a deadbeat dad would’ve actually been preferable, Kelly Kline goes on the run to try to protect her Nephilim baby from his father and any other supernatural being that might try to harm it. Since she dies from the birth, she never gets to see her family again, including the baby.

9 Using A Murdered Woman’s Face

Lucifer can’t be on earth without a vessel. But when Sam wasn’t available in season 5, he had to find another one. That led him to Nick, who was traumatized by the murder of his wife and child.

Lucifer appeared to him in a dream in the shape of his wife, trying to convince him that the deaths of the woman and child were proof that God was a jerk, and so he should trust Satan instead. It would seem that that was just the right button to push, because Lucifer got his vessel—or at least, a temporary one. He neglected to tell Nick his body wouldn’t last under the strain.

8 Trying To Play God

Lucifer is eventually busted out of hell by none other than the Winchesters and Castiel. They only went there because of Amara, but once Lucifer was free and Amara was out of the way, he decided to insert himself into heaven’s power vacuum. Not that he actually fulfilled any campaign promises, but he did want the power.

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It didn’t work out so well since he ignored prayers after a whole five seconds, and killed two exorcists because they didn’t praise him for exorcising “Anthony.” It takes some audacity for someone who hates humans as much as he does to play God over them.

7 Resurrecting Sam For Kudos

Jack put an interesting twist into Lucifer’s motivations. With his own daddy issues controlling his life, Lucifer’s opportunity to be a father better than his own struck a chord with him.

To prove to Jack that he was really a great guy, he resurrected Sam. But he doesn’t do it out of the goodness of his little black heart, or out of guilt for all the things he did to Sam in the past. He expects to be praised for doing something that was easy for him. Even lower angels can resurrect or heal people, making it especially easy for an archangel.

6 Killing Demons

Lucifer kills demons like it’s no big deal. He might as well be a Winchester in this respect. But the difference is that he actually invented the process to create them by twisting human souls, starting with Lilith.

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Crowley seemed to be the only demon to notice during the apocalypse that their angelic father saw them as expendable, but Lucifer has definitely shown a total lack of concern when demons are wounded or die. He has no sense of loyalty to his own minions, though they probably should’ve expected as much.

5 Flaunting All The Ways He Tormented Sam

Sam became aware during the apocalypse that he’d been groomed to become Lucifer’s vessel for a long time. But actually seeing the evidence was a lot more shocking. When Sam is possessed and speaking to Lucifer in the mirror, Lucifer brings him the people who messed up Sam’s life as he was growing up, including his prom date.

He has the audacity to pretend that this is for Sam’s benefit and that Sam finally gets to have a little revenge. But considering he was inside Sam’s head at the time, he certainly knew better.

4 Stealing His Son’s Grace

When trying to impress his son didn’t work out, Lucifer threw a narcissistic temper tantrum and decided Jack’s opinion didn’t matter anyway. Jack sucked. Jack was the worst. And in fact, he was just going to take Jack’s grace and make him functionally human because Lucifer deserved it more than him anyway.

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This was the moment he really proved that he was just as bad as the Winchesters were telling Jack and that he was just as bad a father (if not worse) than his own. At least Chuck could say he truly loved his sons once.

3 Creating Demons Out Of Spite

One of Lucifer’s original childish meltdowns in Supernatural history was the creation of Lilith. He got cast out of heaven for hating humans, so he promptly made a human worse by twisting her into a demon. But that wasn’t quite enough, so he went on to make even more demons.

The practice of warping human souls into demons became the norm in hell, so his legacy was to create generations of demons across time. Some of them weren’t even evil in life; many were brought into hell through crossroads deals like Dean. So he can’t even argue he was trying to do good by torturing the bad people.

2 Psychologically Abusing Sam

Lucifer put a lot of work into getting Sam to say yes as his vessel. But even after he got a yes, he still tried to twist Sam’s thoughts against him. In particular, he tries to convince Sam that Sam can feel their connection and how this was always meant to be.

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He specifically mentions “exhilaration,” which is an interesting choice of words since Sam is high on demon blood at the time. He basically tried to pass off Sam’s drug high as proof that they belonged together and Sam was always meant to be Satan’s vessel. Gross.

1 Using Crisis With Amara To Get Back Into Heaven

Lucifer got busted out of his cage in order to fight Amara. Her release left enough cracks in his cage that he could reach out to Sam and coax him back to hell to release him. But instead of just stopping her, he tried to use her presence as leverage not just to leave hell, but to become powerful in heaven.

Oh, sure, he’d lock up Amara. But only if all the angels took to kissing his butt afterward. He also made it sound like he’d originally trapped her by himself, without any assistance.

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