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#SocialMedia #Supernatural: 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Demons Sam & Dean Could Beat (& 5 They Definitely Could Not) #BB

“Supernatural: 5 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Demons Sam & Dean Could Beat (& 5 They Definitely Could Not)”

Buffy Summers and the Winchester boys have a lot in common. The titular heroine of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a part of a long line of mystically chosen girls who are gifted with supernatural strength and tasked with fighting against the forces of darkness in the world, while the Supernatural duo are men who were pretty much raised from birth to destroy any supernatural dangers that seek to harm the human world.

If Buffy and the Winchesters had to trade places then we don’t doubt that they’d both do pretty well with the swap, however while there are some demons in the world of Buffy that Sam and Dean would have no problem dispatching, there are a few that wouldn’t be easy for them to beat. These are 5 BtVS demons that Sam and Dean could defeat, along with 5 that they couldn’t.

10 Could: Der Kindestod

If ever there was a demon that Sam and Dean Winchester could beat, it’s something like Der Kindestod. Actually, this would have been a pretty amazing demon to be featured on Supernatural, because while Sam and Dean’s childhoods were far from picturesque it also makes a whole lot of sense for them to square off against a demon that sucks the life force out of children.

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It would have been hilarious to see John put Sam and Dean in the children’s hospital ward and watch this creepy German demon make an appearance, only for little Dean to pull a 12 gauge out from beneath his pillow and defeat this demon for good.

9 Couldn’t: Clem

Well, maybe this is an argument of semantics more than anything. Because could Dean and Sam kill a demon like Clem? Certainly. However, would they really want to? This friendly demon with the grossest skin on planet earth was sweet enough to charm Buffy, and we don’t doubt that he could have won over Sam and Dean too.

The Winchesters are usually pretty good at getting the job done no matter what, but as the years have gone on they have come to understand the nuance of the supernatural world, and it seems like Clem is one demon they could let slide.

8 Could: The Judge

Unlike Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer actually went out of it’s way to avoid using modern deadly weapons like guns. Buffy was much more of a fan of Medieval style weaponry, namely stakes, crossbows, or the occasional sword.

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However, Buffy did make one enormous exception when she faced off against the Judge, an ancient demon that could burn people from the inside out. Buffy commandeered a rocket launcher from the local military base, and blew the Judge to smithereens. Honestly, this is the kind of demon execution that would give Dean Winchester the will to live again.

7 Couldn’t: Toth

Buffy Summers has gone up against a variety of unique demons with very unusual and dangerous powers, and had Buffy actually been the one to be struck by Toth’s magic wand then she may not have been able to defeat him.

See, Toth’s abilities allowed him to split one person into the two sides of themselves, with one version of the person being all of their best traits and the other being the worst. But one side can’t live without the other, so if Toth could take out the weaker version of this split being then the strong version would die too.

6 Could: Doc

Doc was supposed to be some kind of expert in dark magic, and he specialized in resurrection. He had the appearance of a regular human too, but beneath that facade he was a relatively powerful demon who was devoted to the hellgod Glory.

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He seemed like he may have been a tough demon to defeat after he pretty handily defeated Spike, but once he went head to head with Buffy she literally killed him in one second flat. Dean and Sam might not have Buffy’s super strength, but we doubt it would take them much longer to dispatch Doc.

5 Couldn’t: D’Hoffryn

The Winchester boys are pretty tough to beat in hand to hand combat, and they’re no slouches when it comes to using magic in order to get the job done either. However, they would probably have a pretty rough time trying to defeat a demon with as many tools in his toolbelt as the head of the vengeance demons, D’Hoffryn.

D’Hoffryn had an army of vengeance demons at his disposal, an entire demon dimension that he ruled over, and access to powers like wish granting, teleportation, and even resurrection. He’s really a bunch of dangerous demons all wrapped up in one package.

4 Could: Gachnar

Gachnar is a fear demon who brings visions and nightmares to life in order to terrify his targets. However, he would have a pretty tough time conjuring up a scenario that would frighten the Winchesters that they haven’t already had to come face to face with before.

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Sam and Dean would undoubtedly be able to navigate that gauntlet pretty easily, and clearly once they actually found Gachnar they would have been able to eliminate him in mere moments. Coming in at not even a foot tall, Buffy Summers killed the demon by stepping on him like a bug, and Sam and Dean both have much bigger feet than her anyway.

3 Couldn’t: The Mayor

Sam and Dean are the most feared demon hunters in the world, but they have never faced off against a demon that has ascended like Buffy’s Mayor Wilkins. They may have had a chance against Wilkins when was a sorcerer, but he seemed to be pretty powerful even then.

And once he ascended? Well, it’s possible that Sam and Dean could have pulled a Buffy and just blown him up with the mother of all improvised bombs, but this massive snake-like demon requires an astounding amount of fire power in order to be defeated, and since it took the entirety of Sunnydale High’s graduating class to do it, the Winchesters might be in trouble.

2 Could: The Gentlemen

When it comes to creepy demons on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there are no demons that are more frightening or more memorable than the Gentlemen. The Gentlemen were featured on the fan favorite episode “Hush”, where the entire town of Sunnydale loses their voices so the Gentlemen can cut people’s hearts out in peace, and if the Gentlemen have to hear one real scream then they all die.

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Buffy is pretty clever, but so is Sam Winchester (and okay, maybe Dean sometimes too), and killing these demons is more about finding and destroying their ability to take people’s voices more than anything, so team Winchester seems tailor made for the job.

1 Couldn’t: Anya

Anya actually proved herself to be a pretty formidable opponent when she went up against the slayer, however one must ask oneself, would the Winchesters even want to kill Anya if they had the chance?

Anya wielded her ability to grant wishes like a sword, and it’s hard to argue that anyone would have an easy time defeating a demon that can literally change the world with their will. But once Anya decided to assimilate into human society it was difficult to resist her bizarre charms, and she really demonstrated that demons could be valuable members of society.

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