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“Tarantino Vs Nolan: Which Director Has The Best 10, According To Rotten Tomatoes”

Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino are two of the biggest and best auteur filmmakers working today. Both have a signature style, both are event directors, both have a loyal fan following, and both have ten written and directed feature films. The pair have carved out a filmography that is revered by many and beloved by more.

Nolan is the king of the blockbuster and crafts insane event pictures that people flock to theatres to see, even when the films are not about a certain caped crusader. Tarantino’s sharp writing of dialogue often overshadows his direction and his ultraviolent nature and Tarantinoisms make his films noticeable in an instant. The two are widely acclaimed and a good reference for that is Rotten Tomatoes. So, here are the 10 films of Tarantino & Nolan compared and ranked, according to Rotten Tomatoes. Note, these are ranked worst movie of each filmmaker to best film.


Death Proof is undoubtedly the weak link in Tarantino’s filmography. Part of a project with Robert Rodriguez which brings this and the film Planet Horror together to create Grindhouse, Death Proof, more than anything, is unmemorable.

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Interstellar is a far superior film in terms of craftsmanship but despite its stunning aesthetic, it can be divisive. The ambition of the film exceeds its execution in terms of its thought.

Overall, Death Proof sits with a 63% Tomatometer and a 72% Audience Score for an average of 67.5% while Interstellar sits at 72% and 85% for the same scores with an average of 78.5%.

WINNER: Interstellar (Nolan)


The Hateful Eight has some great stuff. It is well crafted, with some good, if not over the top violence. However, the film drags on far too long and is extremely self-indulgent, with an unnecessary overuse of racial slurs all making its second half poor.

The Prestige fell in between Nolan’s famous trilogy and is a challenging period piece, with good lead performances to go alongside its suspense, mystery and is thoroughly entertaining, even if it is not as memorable as other Nolan flicks.

The Hateful Eight sits at 75% and 76% on its Tomatometer/Audience Score with an average of 75.5%, while The Prestige is at 76% and 92% bringing its average to 84%.

WINNER: The Prestige (Nolan)

9 KILL BILL: VOL 2 (2004) VS FOLLOWING (1999)

Tarantino in Kill Bill: Vol 2 – the second part of the famous pair – delivers a less action-filled and more character and dialogue-driven piece while still maintaining a lot of the viciousness of the first entry, alongside some great performances.

Following is Nolan’s directorial debut and it is a brief, well-made film that gives a good first look into the future of Nolan’s filmography. It is a good noir film that is an efficient and entertaining debut.

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Kill Bill: Vol 2 sits at 84% and 89%, making its average 86.5% from its Tomatometer and Audience Score. Following fails to reach this with 80% and 85% in its two scores making an 82.5% average.

WINNER: Kill Bill: Vol 2 (Tarantino)


Tarantino’s latest film is one that is a big player this awards season with its great script, and phenomenal lead performances. Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood is an indulgent love letter to old Hollywood that may not be for everyone but delivers big.

Batman Begins is one of the finest Superhero origin movies of all time and kicked off perhaps the greatest trilogy of Superhero films there is in Nolan’s trilogy with its dark take on the iconic hero who is played excellently by Christian Bale.

Tarantino’s flick sits at 85% on the Tomatometer with a lacking 70% Audience Score, while Begins differs with its 84% Tomatometer and brilliant 94% Audience Score.

WINNER: Batman Begins (Nolan)


Kill Bill: Vol 1 is as iconic as it is filled with action. Uma Thurman is legendary in her role as the Bride and the action throughout keeps you on the edge of your seat, even if it is style over substance.

The Dark Knight Rises was a fantastic end to the Nolan trilogy with its look, performances, iconography, and music. A lot of people did not like the ending of the film which is understandable, but it is ultimately fantastically made.

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Kill Bill sits at 85% on the Tomatometer with 81% Audience Score while Rises sits at 87% and 90%. This makes the averages 83% and 88.5% respectively.

WINNER: The Dark Knight Rises (Nolan)


Jackie Brown is Tarantino’s most underrated movie and the only one of his based on source material, which he develops brilliantly. It is slower but has great performances and charm around it.

Inception may well be Nolan’s non-Batman legacy. It is a mind-bending, brilliant, beautiful piece of sci-fi that is as thrilling as it is genius by its auteur.

Brown has an average of 86% from its 87% and 85% scores, while Inception sits at 87% and 91% on the same scores making its average 89%.

WINNER – Inception (Nolan)


Django Unchained is Tarantino’s alternate reality western revenge flick which contains a slew of Tarantinoisms, multiple phenomenal performances, and a brilliant, Oscar-winning script.

Insomnia is a far different film but still holds a brilliant performance from Pacino. It is a smart and well made psychological movie but is not as gripping as the other parts of Nolan’s filmography.

Django sits at a lesser – but still great – 87% Tomatometer but also a 91% Audience Score. Insomnia has a superior Tomatometer with 92% but lacks in the Audience Score with 77%. So, the averages are 89% and 84.5% in favor of…

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WINNER – Django Unchained (Tarantino)


Inglourious Basterds may well be Tarantino’s most complete movie. With stupendous acting, writing, directing, and action, as well as some shots/scenes that are masterfully made.

Memento is a smart movie by Nolan which is a phenomenal second outing from the auteur. It is suspenseful and funny in its puzzling mind games which help in the crafting of a terrific thriller.

Basterds sits with 89% and 88% for its scores, so an 88.5% average, while Memento has 92% and 94% for a 93% average. It should be noted Basterds has over double the number of reviews than Memento.

WINNER – Memento (Nolan)


Reservoir Dogs is one of the finest directorial debuts of all time and is a stylish, well made, wonderfully written movie following the aftermath of a failed diamond heist filled with a group of great performances.

Dunkirk is a polar opposite movie. It is a pure event movie that details the savior of the men on Dunkirk during WWII. It severely lacks in character but that is deliberate as it is purely a spectacle movie, an awe-inspiring one at that.

Dogs’ scores are 91% and 94% making its average 92.5%. Meanwhile, Dunkirk sits with scores of 93% and 81% giving it an average of 87%.

WINNER – Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino)


This battle would always end with the pair’s most iconic movies. Pulp Fiction is one of the defining movies of a generation with a script that is so good it ironically makes you speechless. The movie’s soundtrack, performances, structure, iconography, all of it gels together perfectly to make one of the best movies of the past few decades.

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The Dark Knight is not necessarily the defining movie of the 2000s, but it is one of its best and is one of the defining superhero movies of all time. Its legacy lies on the shoulders of the late great Heath Ledger’s performance as the famous Clown Prince of Crime. It is not just that performance that makes the movie great though, it is how thrilling and dark it is, how brilliantly it is made, the other performances, the excellent writing, and so much more.

Pulp Fiction sits at 92% and 96% in its two scores, while The Dark Knight sits at 94% and 94%. This means that the two have averages of 94%.

WINNER – Audiences (TIE – Tarantino & Nolan)


Overall, Rotten Tomatoes deems Nolan the winner of 6/10, Tarantino the winner of 3/10, with 1/10 being a tie. This makes the winner, Christopher Nolan.

The number of reviews should be taken into account for some films but overall, Rotten Tomatoes does a good job in deciding who has the better filmography.

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